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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Wholesale Canada

Dense corundum has two characteristics: the total amount of brown aluminum oxide 70 grit impurities is slightly higher; it is produced in a reducing atmosphere. Dense corundum is off-white, brown aluminum oxide content ≥98%, bulk density ≥3.8g / cm3, and apparent porosity ≤4%. The SiO2 content of dense corundum is higher than that of brown aluminium oxide manufacturer, but the content of NaO is significantly lower than that of white corundum.

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See the comparison of the technical indicators of the two types of abrasive for details. Because it contains impurities, the corundum obtained by this method turns brown and is called silicon carbide abrasive. white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit is made from industrial aluminum and oxygen and is smelted at ingot temperature. Its Al2O3 content is> 98%, it is white, the grains are large, and the main crystalline phase is elongated or rhombic.

(cheap brown fused alumina for grinding wholesale canada)Due to more pores, brown aluminium oxide is brittle and hard. Its grinding capacity is 0.12, slightly higher than brown corundum (0.10). It is used to make high-grade refractory materials, and it is also one of the main abrasive varieties. Corundum can be dyed in different colors by these impurities. High alumina corundum, also known as sub-emery abrasive, is essentially a product made by improving the brown corundum process.

The apparent porosity is 6% to 10%. High alumina pink corundum has higher purity and lower price, which provides a new choice for refractory materials. However, the production process of high-alumina corundum is complicated, and the variable range of process parameters is narrow. If not properly controlled, the quality of high-alumina synthetic corundum is more susceptible than other corundum raw materials.(cheap brown fused alumina for grinding wholesale canada)

The main points of manufacturing high-alumina brown fused alumina for grinding: one is to perform deep reduction to remove impurities to the maximum and only form a small amount of carbides such as Al4C3; second, to complete the reduction, oxidize, blow oxygen to the molten pool, or add Fe2O3, Oxidants such as SiO2 destroy the formed carbides. The advantages of high aluminum aluminum oxide grit are mainly reflected in cost performance.  

(cheap brown fused alumina for grinding wholesale canada)The price of high-aluminum corundum is about 12% higher than that of black corundum, which is only about 55% of the price of white corundum. Brown corundum is made of alumina, anthracite, and iron filings, which are smelted in an electric arc furnace, smelted, desiliconized, iron-removed, titanium-reduced, and cooled. The alumina content of high alumina corundum can reach more than 98%, but the price is similar to that of black silicon carbide.

When smelting brown fused alumina, the alumina has a low density after melting and floats on the upper layer of the melt; the iron chips settle to the lower part of the melt because of the higher density after melting. At the same time, carbon in anthracite reduces SiO2, Fe2O3, TiO2 in alumina to metal. Subsequently, the aluminum oxide abrasive melt is cooled, and crystals of corundum are formed after crystallization.(cheap brown fused alumina for grinding wholesale canada)

These metals are mixed with a metal melt formed by iron filings to form a denser ferrosilicon alloy, white alumina which sinks to the bottom of the furnace. The alumina content of green silicon carbide can reach more than 97%, the grinding ability is 0.1 (the grinding ability of diamond is 1), it has certain toughness, strong resistance to crushing, and cheap, and it has been widely used in refractory materials and abrasive tools .

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