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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina For Sale Ukraine

The spinning process and drawing process do not need to be separated, but as a continuous process, so it is called direct spinning drawing method(arc fused alumina). The production method of multifilament is similar to that of monofilament, except that there are many finer holes on the spinneret, which can eject a corresponding number of filaments with diameter about round blue end at the same time(black fused alumina), polyester fiber ranks first among the three major synthetic fibers.

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In this method, the traction speed of melt spinning process is determined by the first member guide roller(pink corundum), and the drawing ratio is determined by the speed ratio of the member guide roller to the first guide roller. Yarn and fabric can be further heated and stretched to obtain better thermal stability, improve strength and reduce elongation at break(black aluminum oxide blast media). XIn order to make the filaments in the yarn close together and not diverge, it is necessary to add a small amount of twist to the filament.

(cheap brown fused alumina for sale ukraine)Compared with the fiber, the advantages of pregnant fiber are low density(brown fused alumina), good tensile properties, good wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance, resistance to mold and moth, almost no moisture absorption, very low moisture regain, good capillary effect (wicking effect), high insulation and good skin comfort(garnet suppliers). When the twisting helix is right-handed, it is called "in twisting: when it is left-handed, it is called" frame twisting ".

Generally, the length of each yarn should be inspected(brown aluminum oxide). The uniformity of filament yarn is good, and there is no fiber protruding from the surface of the yarn, so it is very smooth. In general, chemical fiber factories only sell several kinds of filament yarn of common specifications, which are packed by standard winding(steel grid). When the twisting helix is right-handed, it is called "in twisting: when it is left-handed, it is called" frame twisting ".(cheap brown fused alumina for sale ukraine)

At the same time, it should be starched and refuelled, and packed properly for use(brown aluminium oxide). These processing steps are commonly referred to as "threading". The filament yarn is twisted according to the required twist direction and twist, and then several twisted filament yarns are twisted together in the opposite twist direction to form a stranded yarn(glass bead blasting media suppliers). By twisting, the strand can be compact, anti scuffing and abrasion resistant.

(cheap brown fused alumina for sale ukraine)The latest technology of extrusion spinning is(white alumina): in the production of filter cloth, the multifilament returned to the roller is usually the filament bundle from the spinneret, which is immediately twisted by a predetermined amount (twists per member). Due to its excellent physical properties(garnet abrasive), chemical properties, strength, elasticity, morphological stability, wrinkle resistance, quick drying, ironing free, washing, heat resistance and wear resistance.

Because nylon is more inclined to filament, twisting leads to reinforcement, tighter and higher rigidity of yarn(black corundum). In addition, it is not easy to wear and tear during weaving and subsequent use. The amount of twist is also important for the filtration characteristics of the final filter cloth, as it partially determines the ratio of the flow through the yarn to the flow through the adjacent yarn. If a very tight yarn is used, there is almost no flow through the yarn.

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