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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Grit Price Brazil

Iron scraps are required to be small in size and easy to transport, suitable for green carborundum smelting. The composition of aluminum in iron filings must be strictly controlled. The amount of iron filings is determined based on the content of SiO2 in high alumina. The content of iron oxide in high bauxite also affects the amount of iron filings. The iron produced by the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media reduction of iron oxide can reduce the amount of iron filings.

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Necessary and appropriate adjustments should be made according to the actual situation when silicon carbide price using. If the quality of the carbon electrode used is poor, the amount of carbon should be reduced. After the electrode is arced, when the current rises to 20% ~ 50% of the load, a small amount of material can be added to the arc to suppress the arc light. When the 240 grit aluminum oxide current rises to 80%, the material can be added to enter the melting stage.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit price brazil)If the theoretical ratio is calculated by reducing all the main oxide impurities during pink corundum smelting, the actual Fe2O3 reduction is about 98%, SiO2 reduction is about 90%, and TiO2 reduction is about 50%. Volatile and ash are not good for 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight smelting and product quality, and their content must be controlled. Considering the loss during the transportation of carbon materials, the amount of carbon should be increased.

The process of smelting black corundum is mainly divided into four stages: furnace opening, smelting, control, and refining. Before starting the furnace, you must make preparations before starting the furnace, that is, connecting the electrodes and adjusting the length of the electrodes. When the furnace is turned on, the arc starting focus should be placed, and then power and arc starting. The 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media smelting stage accounts for more than 80% of the total smelting time.(cheap brown fused alumina grit price brazil)

Rhenium smelting is divided into an oven method and an open furnace method. The brown fused alumina furnace method is characterized by a thick material layer, and the arc light is completely covered by the material layer during most of the smelting. The size of the electric furnace is different, and the thickness of the 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media material layer is different. Control is to stop feeding in a certain period of time to allow the material in the furnace to be melted and reduced as much as possible.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit price brazil)For the electric furnace with a capacity of 1800 ~ 2500kV · A, the thickness of the brown aluminum oxide material layer in the initial stage of smelting is generally about 600 ~ 1000mm, and intermittent feeding is generally used in the middle, that is, where it sinks , Regular oven. The material layer is gradually thinned in the later period. This stage melts the furnace charge into a liquid state, and the impurities are reduced to form a ferrosilicon alloy and separated from the 100 grit aluminum oxide media melt.

The brown aluminium oxide grain size of high alumina clinker is coarse. The characteristics of the open furnace method are that the material layer is thin, the grain size of the high alumina clinker is fine, and the arc light is exposed for a long time. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The silicon carbide companies quality of the open furnace method is relatively uniform, but the power consumption is high and the production efficiency is low.(cheap brown fused alumina grit price brazil)

Different smelting processes also need to adjust the white alumina proportion, and they must be adjusted before and after smelting. When roasting, dolomite and calcium carbonate are used as fillers, and chromium slag is used to replace dolomite as filler. It has been widely used. Sodium chromate alkaline solution is an intermediate semi-finished product for 1200 grit aluminum oxide producing sodium dichromate. Sodium chromate is converted into sodium dichromate with sulfuric acid.

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