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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Grit Suppliers China

brown aluminum oxide is an ordinary abrasive with moderate softness and hardness. It was mainly used for stainless steel workpieces, such as the polishing of stainless steel tableware. Polishing stainless steel workpieces with aluminum oxide abrasive has the outstanding advantages that it does not easily burn the surface of the workpiece. The natural color of the stainless steel workpiece, the appearance consistency is good. 

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For many years, brown fused alumina has been used as a special abrasive for stainless steel polishing. In the past few years, the application of black corundum abrasive has been extended to the laying of wear-resistant and non-slip pavements; rust removal and impurity removal; resin cutting blades, angle grinders, resin grinding wheels, etc., and have been used in large quantities, but P Standard size sand, no aluminum oxide grit was found to be used in coated abrasives.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers china)It is speculated that they are used for coated abrasives. Since 2012, Saint-Gobain's French factory has begun to purchase P-standard white alumina grain size sands, sandblasting of workpiece surfaces, and has high requirements for cleanliness. From the beginning of several tons of annual procurement to more than 50 tons this year. I inquired about the purpose of purchasing synthetic corundum in this factory, but did not get a clear reply. 

From the increase in purchases year by year, it can be seen that their use of brown aluminium oxide to make coated abrasives has steadily increased in some aspects. In order to extend the application of black corundum to the field of coated abrasives, we have made some preliminary attempts, and now we will share the relevant test process and results with you, to introduce bricks and jade for emery abrasive in the field of coated abrasives.(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers china)

pink corundum is made from high alumina bauxite and high iron bauxite (or iron oxide shavings) in an electric arc furnace. The high-alumina bauxite here is a scrap of raw materials for smelting brown corundum. The main components of high-alumina bauxite are iron oxide and alumina ore. The smelting is mainly melting, there is no large reduction reaction, and the energy consumption is low. Less carbon emissions, lower production costs.

The raw material cost is low. The properties exhibited by rhenium materials depend on their raw materials and molding process routes, so let's first take a look at how silicon carbide abrasive is produced. aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh uses rich sources of scraps and low-grade bauxite. The production process is also more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, and more in line with current industrial development trends and environmental protection requirements.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers china)In order to make the material look higher, the industry needs a large amount of abrasive polishing materials, and this application is also the first application of green silicon carbide. First apply bone glue to the outer circle of the cloth wheel, then roll it into a sand plate filled with black aluminium oxide to make the outer circle evenly adhere to the sand, then dry it, install it on the cloth wheel polishing machine, and the polishing machine rotates.

The polishing workpiece can be polished by touching the outer circle of the polishing wheel with appropriate pressure. The advantage of black silicon carbide polishing is that the surface color of the workpieces such as spoons and forks are uneven after being thrown, and there will be color difference after polishing with higher hardness abrasives such as pink alumina, so black corundum is still used for polishing high-end tableware.(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers china)

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