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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Grit Suppliers Japan

Abrasives can be divided into two categories: natural abrasives and artificial aluminum oxide abrasive. According to the grinding performance of abrasives, high hardness grinding materials such as diamond can be called super-hard abrasives, others are ordinary abrasives. Synthetic ordinary abrasives include a variety of abrasives in two major series of corundum white and silicon carbide.

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Similarly, various varieties of synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride are classified as artificial superabrasives. The aluminum oxide grit particle size of the abrasive refers to the thickness of the abrasive. According to the requirements of use, China's abrasive standards divide the size specifications of ordinary abrasives into two categories. One type is the silicon carbide abrasive grain size specification for consolidated abrasives, whose grain number begins with "F".

(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers japan)This is the main white alumina particle size specification of domestic abrasives. The other is the particle size specification of abrasives for coated abrasives. The particle size number starts with "P", so it is called "P particle size abrasive". The size specification of honing abrasives is expressed by the green silicon carbide size number. According to China's national standards, the size of abrasives is divided into 37 size numbers according to the size of the particles.

According to the production process of brown fused alumina, this size specification is divided into two parts: a) Abrasive particles with a particle size of more than 63um are called "coarse abrasive particles" , The range is F4 ~ F220, and it is produced by sieving method. b) Abrasives with a particle size of less than 63um are called "fine synthetic corundum powders" and range from F230 to F1200. They are produced by multiple water separation methods.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers japan)P particle size abrasives begin with the English letter "P", plus Arabic numerals, such as P60. The larger the value, the finer the black corundum grain size. The P particle size number started in Europe and is now widely used in coated abrasives around the world. "P" is the first letter of English popular, which means "widely popular". According to the national standard, there are a total of 28 particle sizes for this type of black silicon carbide.

P particle size abrasives are characterized by strict restrictions on coarse particle groups, increased content of basic and mixed brown aluminum oxide particle groups, and reduced fine particle groups (fine particle numbers become coarse). Because the coated abrasive has only one layer of abrasive, if it contains coarse particles, it will scratch the workpiece. If it has fine particles, it will not only prevent the grinding, but also increase the amount of emery abrasive sand removal.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers japan)When honing abrasives are sieved and classified by sieving method, each size of pink corundum must be obtained between two layers of screens. Of course, there must also be an upper and lower limit to determine the particle size specification using the water separation method. That is to say, the change of the size of the glass bead blasting media suppliers grain is in accordance with the change of the screen. This is based on the needs of the coated abrasive. 

The change of the screen can be artificially incorporated into a certain law, so that the brown aluminium oxide ratio of the pore diameters of the two adjacent screens is equal, which is called the common ratio of the particle size of the abrasive. The first 15 are coarser, and the last 13 are fine powder and finer. Most ordinary abrasives are glass beads manufacturers produced, manufactured and used with this particle size specification.(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers japan) 

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