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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Grit Suppliers Switzerland

Especially for a long time, the shell surface around the grain will melt and the technical conditions will fluctuate(brown fused alumina). With the maturity and continuous innovation of Jiushi cotton production technology and the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, the advantages of anode effect have been gradually removed from the ideas of electrolytic managers(synthetic corundum). From the energy consumption analysis.

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Through adjustment, the effect of regulating the furnace unit can be achieved by adjusting the non utilization stage(green silicon carbide). Therefore, zero effect management has become another innovation of current production, which is recognized by the industry. More attention should be paid to the control of technical conditions and the stability of heat balance(aluminium oxide for blasting). It is indicated that the electrolytic cell is in the form of long package or rigid stage.(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers switzerland)

Therefore, when the electrolyzer is effective, the on-site operators should arrive at the side of the cell as soon as possible to check the blanking condition(brown aluminum oxide). At the same time, it is a tool to detect the operation of the electrolytic cell, which determines whether the management of the thermal balance of the electrolytic cell is in place(aluminum oxide grit). When the voltage in the production process exceeds 8V, the cell control computer judges that the anode effective point occurs.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers switzerland)Zero effect management is not completely free from the positive effect(black corundum). At present, the rigid pole effect coefficient is 0.003 times / situation · day, which basically realizes zero effect Wei control. At this time, you should check the electrolyte working condition, check the pointer position of the mechanical voltmeter of the cotton control machine, or measure the voltage at the short intersection for judgment(garnet suppliers), so as to avoid the operation.

If the effect voltage is high, it means that the cold stroke of the electrolytic cell is serious(brown aluminium oxide). In addition, the effect voltage is an important factor to determine the energy consumption of the sensitive reaction. In addition, the bottom protection sink and the melting of the sidewall cause the change of the oxidation concentration in the phase(black silicon carbide). Generally, the effect voltage of large-scale pre bonding device is more than 20V, and the high base weight reaches 60V.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers switzerland)The effect time and the corresponding voltage work together(pink corundum). The duration of the effect and the voltage are the quality control points of the relay extinction effect. The general effect is controlled within 3-5 minutes, and the maximum is not more than 8 minutes(garnet abrasive). The goal is to minimize the effect of vegetables, which needs to be completed through the combination of technical conditions and oxidation purulence control.

Control voltage stability and effect time, extinguish effect(white alumina). Once the indestructible effect appears, it will also threaten the safety and stability of production. At present, the cell inspection machine has the function of detecting the efficiency and processing the self effect, but the success rate of the anode effect of the automatic quenching is very low(aluminum oxide abrasive). Avoid unnecessary power consumption and oxidation error consumption.(cheap brown fused alumina grit suppliers switzerland)

The high efficiency point voltage is the sign of determining the cooling and heating of the electrolytic cell, and several of the voltage is lower than 80V(silicon carbide abrasive). With the development of electrolytic cotton customers, its current intensity has reached 400 Ka in China, and the power consumption and sewage discharge of primary effect are also increased(emery abrasive). For a 400 Ka cell. The anode effect mainly includes waiting effect, burst effect and flash effect.

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