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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Grit Wholesale Chile

According to the national standard GB / t2494-2003, all arc fused alumina grinding wheels with a diameter of 150 mm and larger of ceramic, resin and rubber bond, except for the simple, brick, hole groove, bolt fastening, ore cutting grinding wheel and centerless seat guide wheel, are not subject to strength inspection, the rest are subject to the maximum working line speed of the glass bead abrasive grinding wheel.

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The maximum working linear speed and inspection linear speed of general white alumina grinding wheel can be determined according to the shape of grinding wheel and the type of bond according to the table. Each batch of grinding wheel specified for rotation inspection shall be 100% inspected. In addition to the use of diamond dressing tools in the fine grinding process, they are also used in some processes with a large amount of green carborundum dressing.

(cheap brown fused alumina grit wholesale chile)During rotation inspection, keep it at the highest speed for 0.5min. In the brown fused alumina process of grinding tool drying, charging and melting, special attention should be paid to avoid dark cracks, microcracks and other defects of the grinding wheel to reduce the strength of the grinding wheel. High speed grinding can improve fused alumina production efficiency, surface quality, machining accuracy and service life of grinding wheel.

Rotary strength inspection equipment is rotary testing machine. Generally, the rotation strength of black corundum grinding wheel shall be checked as per 1.6 times of its specified maximum working line speed; if the working speed is ≥ 50M / s, it shall be checked as per 1.5 times of the working speed; if the user has special requirements, it shall be checked as per the black oxide aluminum user's requirements. For example, mixing, feeding and spreading should be as uniform as possible.(cheap brown fused alumina grit wholesale chile)

If the fracture rate of each batch of brown aluminum oxide grinding wheel is less than 5%, it is qualified; if it is more than 10%, it is unqualified and shall not leave the factory; if the fracture rate is more than 5%, it shall be rechecked once according to the specified speed multiple, but the holding time is 2min at the maximum speed. If the silicon carbide companies fracture rate is still more than 5%, the batch of grinding wheel is unqualified. 

(cheap brown fused alumina grit wholesale chile)After receiving the pink corundum, the user must check them carefully to see if there is any crack or other damage, knock them with a wooden hammer for sound inspection, listen to whether they are clear or dumb, and detect the defective and non-conforming products. High speed grinding wheel is used for high speed grinding. It is a method to improve grinding efficiency and glass beads supplier quality by improving the linear speed of grinding wheel.

Generally, the brown aluminium oxide grinding process with a speed of more than 50m / S (or 45m / s) is called high-speed grinding, and the corresponding grinding wheel is called high-speed grinding. In order to meet the requirements of high-speed grinding, the high-speed grinding wheel should have enough strength, glass beads manufacturers uniform structure, small imbalance and good grinding performance. High speed grinding is a kind of high efficiency grinding.(cheap brown fused alumina grit wholesale chile)

The manufacturing process of high-speed grinding wheel is basically the same as that of ordinary grinding wheel silicon carbide price, but the requirements of each process are more strict. For auxiliary materials, the center hole should be raised 5-10 mm evenly (about 5 mm when the thickness is 20-35 mm, cylindrical belt groove, grinding needle, garnet abrasive price and about 10 mm when the thickness is 40-75 mm) to ensure the strength of the grinding wheel hole wall.

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