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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Manufacturer Poland

brown fused alumina commonly known as "industrial teeth", are widely used in machining, military, civil and other fields. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the materials being grinded, some new requirements and new topics have been put forward. Only through the research and improvement of the grinding performance of pink alumina abrasive tools, can we meet the processing requirements of new materials.

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At present, medium temperature calcined abrasive (900-1000 ℃) and black aluminum oxide high temperature calcined abrasive (1350-1400 ℃) are commonly used to improve the abrasive performance in the industry. Among them, the medium temperature calcined Abrasives can not meet the grinding of materials with Rockwell hardness greater than 60 degrees, silicon carbide companies while the high temperature calcined Abrasives above 1350 degrees must be subject to secondary crushing.

(cheap brown fused alumina manufacturer poland)Secondary crushing not only causes environmental pollution, but also brown aluminum oxide causes dark cracks of abrasives due to high-strength crushing, which leads to the lack of abrasives' wear resistance and safety. Most of the ferrosilicon alloy precipitates from the fused brown corundum and deposits at the bottom of the furnace. In order to solve this problem, our 100 grit aluminum oxide white company provides a kind of production process of calcined brown corundum abrasive.

In order to overcome the existing technology that the pink aluminum oxide medium temperature calcined Abrasives can not meet the grinding of materials with Rockwell hardness greater than 60 degrees, the high temperature calcined abrasives are calcined to form plates, the secondary crushing brings environmental pollution, the dark cracks caused by the high-strength crushing of the brown fused alumina manufacturer, and the abrasives' wear resistance and safety are reduced Insufficient.(cheap brown fused alumina manufacturer poland)

Combined with the content of "five prevention" in winter, do a good job in patrol and brown aluminium oxide supervision of water, electricity, pipe network and key fire-fighting parts; organize employees to carry out fire prevention knowledge learning and improve their fire prevention awareness; strengthen vehicle maintenance and driver safety education, and require drivers to abide by traffic rules and drive safely; distribute cold proof materials such as cotton padded jacket and warm shoes for employees to keep them warm for winter.

(cheap brown fused alumina manufacturer poland)In a tilting furnace, silicon carbide price is poured out first, followed by ferrosilicon. According to the characteristics of safety in winter, combined with the actual production, we should take multiple measures at the same time, and further build the safety production foundation of white fused alumina manufacturer in winter through "four strengthening". Strengthen the propaganda and management of "five prevention" in winter. Strengthen hidden danger control and monitoring.

In view of the hard fracture of the conveyor belt, the white alumina preheating management method of the equipment is formulated. Carry out the major inspection of safety production, focus on the screening of production site, key equipment and facilities and key places, rectify the hidden dangers and problems in time, and implement the output management. Strengthen production process management. As for the freezing of raw materials, it is required that the white fused alumina suppliers block should be kept cool for at least one day before transfer.

(cheap brown fused alumina manufacturer poland)The crushing personnel should not feed in large quantities to prevent the frozen block from entering the green carborundum production line and blocking the screen. After the conveyor belt idles for a period of time, the rigid belt can be fully softened, which can reduce the probability of belt fracture. roof of finished product warehouse Make up the leakage to prevent the water from entering in rainy and snowy weather and affect the black fused alumina product quality. 

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