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In the process of consolidated Corundum Abrasives grinding, because there is no splashing problem of corundum abrasives, a higher rotating speed can be used, generally at 400-700r / min, which improves the grinding efficiency and reduces the processing cost. In addition, if too much titanium oxide (TiO2) is found in the brown aluminum oxide, it can not be retained in the glass phase, but react with alumina to form aluminum titanate (TiO2 (Al2O3)).

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The difference of thermal expansion coefficient among three phases will also cause cracks among grains during heating. Most of silica in silicon carbide price is found in glass phase. The ratio of TiO2 to SiO2, which is acceptable in typical brown corundum technical conditions, is from 2.5:1 to 6:1. Titanium dioxide mostly exists as a solid solution of α - alumina grains. During the reduction process in the furnace, part of TiO2 is reduced to titanium oxide (Ti2O3).

It is necessary to pay more attention to the proportion of titanium dioxide and alumina in the melting mixture so as to keep it in a position to produce white corundum meeting the technical conditions. At the same time, TiO2 in brown corundum can not be over reduced. The amount of solid solution Ti2O3 is very important for the calcination color and toughness of brown corundum. The workpiece surface processing accuracy is high.

Aluminum titanate is the third phase at the interface between α - alumina grains and glass phase, which will weaken the glass phase between α - alumina grains. For the free brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive grinding, the size of the brown corundum abrasive can not be completely consistent. When the workpiece is placed, the surface of the workpiece is mainly in contact with the larger brown corundum abrasives.

Each brown corundum abrasives participating in the grinding process bears a large pressure, a large pressure, a large amount of grinding process, and the spacing between them is also large, and the scratches produced by the glass beads manufacturers grinding process are deep and wide, so the workpiece table for the grinding process of the free brown corundum abrasives The surface of the workpiece is rougher than that of the workpiece grinded by the fixed brown corundum abrasive.

During grinding, the white aluminium oxide abrasives are placed on the grinding plate. Therefore, the main reason is that the large-sized brown corundum abrasives participate in the grinding process, which makes the number of brown corundum abrasives participating in the grinding less. For consolidated brown corundum abrasive grinding, brown corundum abrasive is consolidated by binder to make abrasive tools.

When the tool is placed on the abrasive tool, due to the role of binder, not only the large-size black corundum abrasive can contact with the surface of the workpiece, but also many small-size Brown alumina abrasive can contact with the surface of the workpiece, so that the number of brown alumina abrasive in contact with the surface of the workpiece is large, and the number of brown alumina abrasive involved in the grinding process is large, and the pressure of each Brown alumina abrasive is small It has the advantages of small strength, shallow grinding depth, small distance between pink corundum abrasives, small machined surface roughness value and high machined surface quality.

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