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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder Belgium

The furnace building machine used in the oxygen converter in the United States is similar to that in Japan, with a weight of 18 tons and a high degree of automation(fused alumina). Only five workers are required to operate each shift, and two people are in the furnace(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). According to Japanese experience, when the converter is built with small bricks, one 1.5mm-thick iron sheet is sandwiched between every 10 bricks as expansion joint.

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When there is a ramming layer between the working lining and the permanent lining, the expansion joint may not be reserved generally(brown fused alumina). Recently, due to the heat treatment of basic bricks, the collapse and peeling of furnace lining caused by too fast baking speed has been eliminated, so the baking time is only 2-3 hours(black oxide aluminum). As we all know, oxygen converter generally adopts three blowing two, two blowing one or two blowing two.

Therefore, the laying and removing speed of converter lining is related to the turnover rate of converter and directly affects the output(black aluminum oxide). In order to shorten the repair time, in addition to the realization of partial mechanization of furnace building, the demolition machine is also used for furnace demolition(green carborundum). The machine is crawler type, hydraulically driven, steel is driven by compressed air, and the lining body can be chiseled.

When the furnace lining is cooled to 600 ℃(brown aluminum oxide), extend the tappet of the demolition machine into the furnace, and it can rise and fall up and down, that is to say, the whole furnace lining can be demolished. In the United States, Japan, the Soviet Union and other countries, the lining of the oxygen converter is also demolished by the demolition machine(glass beads supplier). When the lining temperature reaches about 1200C, it can be blown with molten iron.

The tappets work in the furnace for five minutes, exit the furnace for cooling for five minutes, and repeat(pink aluminum oxide); when the furnace lining temperature drops below 400 ℃, the retractable tappets can work in the furnace for a long time. It usually takes only 3 to 5 hours to remove a converter lining with this kind of demolition machine(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). Generally, the operation is carried out in layers without damaging the water lining.

This kind of equipment can also be used to remove the lining of the ladle, and the effect is also satisfactory(brown aluminium oxide). When the demolition machine is not used, measures shall be taken in advance to facilitate the demolition of converter lining. Recently, asphalt impregnated magnesia brick and magnesia carbon brick were used as lining(silicon carbide companies), and when removing the residual lining, and the round ratio of furnace life was significantly improved.

In France, it is recommended to pre arrange the steel rope in the converter lining, pull the steel vesuo with the winch when removing, and the furnace lining can be removed(silicon carbide price); in the Soviet Petrovsky factory, when building the converter lining, the U-shaped nails with baffles are buried, the baffle with the lower Jin can be used to mark the lining(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). In order to ensure the quality of the lining, the size of bricks should be as accurate as possible.

In 1974, the national average furnace life of top blown oxygen converter in the United States was 820, and the average furnace life of American steel company was 1500(white aluminium oxide). Around 1979, the converter lining in the United States was built with light burning asphalt with impurity content less than 1% or with burning magnesia brick with asphalt free talk(arc fused alumina). The furnace bottom is composed of fixed part and detachable part.

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