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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Oxide Suppliers In China

In addition to the physical properties such as hardness, density, bulk density, brown fused alumina particle size composition, toughness, magnetic content, hydrophilicity, pH value, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity and other black silicon carbide physical properties discussed in our previous articles, the color and electrical conductivity are also silicon carbide Important physical properties.

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The reason for the color of silicon carbide is the inclusion of impurities. For example, brown aluminum oxide will make the crystal black, and the crystal will be green when nitrogen is contained. Silicon carbide abrasive classifies colorless to green as green silicon carbide, and dark blue to black as black silicon carbide. In addition to the color of the crystal itself, the surface film of the silicon carbide crystal also interferes with natural light.(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers in china)

When the thickness of the brown aluminium oxide film on the surface of the silicon carbide crystal is different or the reflection angle to light is different, the reflected light is two-coherent light. Therefore, the surface of silicon carbide has a mottled, gorgeous color under natural light. aluminum oxide abrasive is a semiconductor with a resistivity between 10-2 and 1012Ω · m, which varies with the type and amount of impurities in the crystal.

(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers in china)The most significant impurities are aluminum, nitrogen, and boron. When there is more aluminum, the conductivity of white alumina is significantly increased. The conductivity of silicon carbide increases rapidly with the increase of the electric field strength. The characteristics of non-linear changes are shown in Figure 1-30, which can be expressed by V = C · Iα. Where V is the voltage, C is the aluminum oxide grit material constant, and α is the nonlinear index.

The resistivity of black corundum changes with temperature, and the resistivity becomes smaller with increasing temperature, which is opposite to the temperature characteristic of metal. Because white corundum smelting is a process of melting and recrystallization of alumina powder, if the alumina content in the alumina powder does not reach the prescribed value, the synthetic corundum in the produced product will not reach the required content, so the alumina powder.

(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers in china)That is, one part of Na2O will consume 18.1 parts of Al2O3. If the pink corundum powder contains 0.6% Na2O Will make 11.46% of the corundum block unqualified, and bring greater difficulties to the crushing, so the white corundum smelting requires strict control of the Na2O content in the aluminum oxide powder, preferably Na2O <0.3%. Pure low density white alumina is a colorless and transparent crystal.

white fused alumina manufacturer must be prevented from mixing with other impurities during transportation and smelting, otherwise it will affect the chemical composition and color of white corundum and reduce the quality of the product. In addition, in order to reduce the flying of aluminum oxide powder and stabilize the furnace condition, it is required that the particle size of emery abrasive powder is as large as possible and the water content is as small as possible.

(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers in china)The white fused alumina suppliers content must be controlled above 98.4%. It is more suitable to use sand-granular aluminum oxide powder as the raw material for brown fused alumina manufacturer, which can reduce flying loss, improve labor conditions, and increase economic benefits. One molecule of Na2O will consume eleven molecules of Al2O3 to form sodium peraluminate (Na2O · 11Al2O3).

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