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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Oxide Suppliers Mexico

Because the toughness of aluminum oxide abrasive is mainly affected by factors such as particle shape, etc., to improve the toughness of abrasives, shaping and selection processes can usually be adopted. Shaping is to slow down the speed of the ball mill, reduce the number of steel balls in the cylinder, and then trim the edges and corners of the fine grit aluminum oxide particles.

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Shape selection is that the shape selection machine relies on vibration to separate the white alumina particles regularly and irregularly from the irregular abrasive particles. After reshaping, the toughness of the abrasive is significantly higher than before reshaping. Rhenium calcination can also improve the toughness of the abrasive. The toughness of corundum abrasive, especially green silicon carbide, is more obvious. The calcination temperature is 1000 ~ 1300 ° C.(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers mexico)

Calcination can eliminate the stress generated during the processing of the brown fused alumina grains, and can also bridge the micro-cracks and small defects of the crystal itself. The experiment of measuring the toughness of the abrasive by the ball milling method proves that the isocratic aluminum oxide grit particles have higher toughness. The packing density of honing abrasive refers to the mass contained in the unit volume of air in the case of natural abrasive packing.

(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers mexico)The bulk density of the black corundum is related to the particle density, particle size, particle size composition, variety, particle shape and other factors of the abrasive. Generally speaking, the bulk density of coarse-grained abrasives is higher than that of fine-grained abrasives; It is closely related to the molding of the abrasive, the strength of the black silicon carbide product and the porosity, and it can also affect the grinding performance of the abrasive.

Coated abrasives should use brown aluminum oxide with low bulk density; heavy-duty abrasives require abrasives with higher bulk density. If you want to increase the bulk density of the abrasive, you can adjust the content between each particle group if the abrasive particle size composition standard allows. Bulk density is the physical property of the synthetic corundum, and it is also a process parameter for the manufacture of abrasive tools.(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers mexico)

The unit is g / cm. TAt the same time, you can also choose different granulation pink corundum processing equipment and use shaping methods to increase the bulk density of the abrasive. The national standard has stipulated a method for determining the bulk density. The granular abrasive is freely dissolved from a prescribed height, filled with a certain volume of container, and then the mass of the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media in the container is weighed .

(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers mexico)Different applications of abrasives have different requirements for the bulk density of the brown aluminium oxide. National standards stipulate that the hydrostatic weighing method is used to determine the density of abrasive particles. An ordinary abrasive bulk density tester is used; the bulk density of mixed-grained emery abrasive is larger than that of single grains. Atomic or ionic bonds are hydrophilic. The calcination time is preferably 1 ~ 4h.

Hydrophilicity refers to the degree to which the attraction of water molecules on a silicon carbide abrasive crystal surface is greater than the attraction between water molecules and is easily wetted by water. On the contrary, the crystal surface of molecular bonds is not easily wetted by water and is hydrophobic. Corundum abrasives are ionic bond crystals, and 80 grit aluminum oxide are atomic bond crystals, so they are all hydrophilic.(cheap brown fused alumina oxide suppliers mexico)

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