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With the increase of manganese content, the strength, plasticity and impact toughness of high manganese steel are improved, especially at low temperature(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). Therefore, the metal mold used in the production of high manganese steel castings must be covered with sand, the inner cooling iron is prohibited, and the outer cooling iron needs to be used with caution(abrasive blast media). 

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Due to the difference in specific volume between carbide and austenite, carbide dissolved in austenite can cause ultramicro porosity(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). The higher the carbon content, the more serious the ultramicro porosity after solid solution, the less compact the structure and the lower the shear property(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). If it is used, it needs to be covered with a certain thickness (1-10mm) of sand to prevent the formation of transcrystalline structure.

With the increase of manganese content(aluminum oxide anti-slip grit), the impact toughness increases rapidly, which is mainly related to the increase of intergranular adhesion by manganese(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). Under the above conditions, the manganese content is generally required to be no less than 12.0% ~ 12.5%(garnet sand). On the contrary, the manganese content of thin-walled castings and simple castings can be appropriately reduced under non strong impact conditions.

In addition, the impact toughness must be improved faster with the increase of manganese content at low temperature(aluminum oxide blast media canada). Generally speaking, under the condition of non strong impact abrasive wear, with the increase of carbon content, the work hardening ability of high manganese steel is enhanced, the wear resistance of high manganese steel is improved, and the w (c) of steel grade is controlled between 1.25% ~ 1.35%(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador).

At the same time(aluminium oxide powder), coarse columnar crystal structures are caused in metal molds and sand-type thin-walled castings, which seriously cause transcrystalline structures(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). Generally, high manganese steel with high carbon content is suitable for the working conditions of medium and small impact, high stress and soft materials(silicon carbide grit), such as crawler shoes, bucket teeth of small controlled excavator and lining plates of ball mill.

W (MN) in high manganese steel is usually 10% ~ 14%, sometimes up to 15%(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). For the high manganese steel with low carbon content, when w (c) is controlled between 0.9% ~ 1.2% and w (MN) / w (c) is about 10, the high manganese steel can obtain better strength toughness coordination(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media); When w (MN) / w (c) < 10, it is conducive to the work hardening of steel and improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel.

Castings with complex structure and complex stress conditions also hope to have higher manganese content to ensure the plasticity and toughness of the material(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), so that the workpiece will not fracture in the process of use, and also to prevent cracks in the casting process(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). Also, silicon is a non-carbide-forming element in steel, but it can promote the precipitation of carbides in the cast state of high manganese steel(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit).

In order to prevent carbide precipitation during heat treatment, thick wall castings generally want higher manganese content(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). The cooling rate of thick wall castings is slow, and the carbon content should be reduced in order to prevent a large amount of carbide precipitation(green silicon carbide); The cooling speed of thin-walled castings is fast, the carbides are not easy to be filled and analyzed, and the carbon content can be higher.

In the solidification process of high manganese steel castings, manganese, as an overheating sensitive element, will promote the growth of several branches of austenite, making the liquid high hammer steel tend to paste solidification(100 grit aluminum oxide). For castings with complex structure prone to cracks, the carbon content should also be reduced(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). In the past 100 years, high manganese steel has not been replaced by other materials, and has developed rapidly.

When the silicon content is increased from 0.2% to 1.0%, the wear resistance is improved(pink corundum). The w (Si) of silicon in high manganese steel is 0.3% to 0.8%(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). The solid solution of manganese in austenite can cause solid solution strengthening(white corundum powder), but the effect of solid solution strengthening is weak because there is little difference between the atomic radius of manganese and that of iron and the lattice distortion is small.

Generally, there is little research on the influence of silicon on the toughness of high manganese steel(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). However, high manganese content is not conducive to work hardening and damages the improvement of wear resistance, especially when w(Mn)>12%, dendrites develop, and there is a tendency for coarse crystals and cracks(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). It can be seen from the table that the toughness reaches the highest value when w(Si) is 0.45%.

Deoxidation(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit), when its content is less than 1.0%, has no obvious effect on the mechanical properties(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). As the silicon content in the steel increases, the carbides that can be precipitated increase and the carbides become coarse. In the process of casting condensation, silicon solid dissolves in austenite(glass bead blasting media suppliers), which affects the solubility of carbon in austenite(brown corundum), and promotes the desolubilization of carbon and precipitates in the form of carbides.

Due to the complexity of wear conditions and the limitations of equipment and instruments, the influence of silicon on wear resistance can only be carried out with a low-impact, low-stress abrasive wear tester(black aluminum oxide). It is usually not added as an alloying element, but assisted in the conventional content range(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). Silicon has the effect of squeezing out the solid solution of phosphorus and carbon and promoting segregation. 

The influence of manganese content on the mechanical properties of high manganese steel is shown in the table(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). If the external force acts in the same direction as the growth direction of the columnar or transcrystalline structure, it is very easy to cause fracture and breakage. The above conclusions are obtained under low-impact, low-stress abrasive wear conditions(refractory materials). The reason may be that silicon is a ferrite element.

The increase in silicon content can not only cause carbides to precipitate along the grain boundary, but also increase the precipitation of carbides in the product(aluminum oxide sandblasting), and silicon also has the effect of changing the morphology of carbides(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). When the silicon content is small [such as w(Si)~0.2% ], the carbide is often in the shape of needles, and when the silicon content increases to 0.8%, the carbide is in the shape of a block(steel grid).

When the silicon content continues to increase to 1.2%~1.4%, as the silicon content increases, the wear resistance also improves(white aluminum oxide). High-manganese steel has poor thermal conductivity, high temperature gradients can appear in casting molds, and hot cracks are extremely easy to occur(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador). In the high-temperature insulation process of casting heat treatment, manganese will also promote the growth of austenite particles.

An increase in silicon content will reduce the stability of austenite and promote work hardening(aluminium oxide blast media), but this does not reflect the material For the performance under high-impact, high-stress abrasive wear conditions, studies have shown that increasing the content of silicon in manganese steel is detrimental to improving wear resistance(aluminum oxide sandblast media), but the study did not give the wear conditions, as shown in the figure(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ecuador).

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