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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers Germany

In addition, because the brown aluminum oxide crystal does not grow too much and retains appropriate activity, it is easy to densely bind with a variety of binding agents with high strength; the crystal of fused corundum grows from several hundred microns to several thousand microns, and the surface of the particles Smooth and lack of activity, it is difficult to combine with the 80 grit aluminum oxide binding agent to form a strong binding body, and the effect on thermal shock is similar.

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The mechanical strength of sintered white alumina is not only related to the crystal size, but also to the porosity. Because sintered corundum has high density and few pores, its strength is large. The weakening of the adverse effect of the structure due to the volume effect makes the 220 grit aluminum oxide refractory products and castables undergo a significant improvement in flexural strength and thermal shock resistance after high temperature heat treatment.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers germany)According to the above reasons, sintered black corundum has high chemical stability, high melting and softening temperatures, large thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating, and strong erosion resistance to molten metal and slag. Low temperature electrical insulation, stable under oxidation and reduction atmosphere, and very hard, with high wear resistance, most suitable for black silicon carbide refractory materials.

5mm particles of fused pink corundum and sintered plate-shaped alumina were selected for thermal shock test, each test temperature was 20 ~ 1300 ~ 20 ℃, 10 times, 20 times and 30 times, respectively. Number and average strength, the test results are shown in the figure. The bulk density of plate-shaped corundum is 3.66g / cm, and the bulk density of fused 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media is 3.89g / cm3. The flexural strength and thermal shock resistance after heat treatment at 816 ° C are very close.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers germany)

The results show that, as a refractory raw material, plate-shaped brown fused alumina particles have very good resistance to thermal spalling and particle strength compared to fused white alumina. Some documents say that the fine powder particles of plate-shaped corundum with a cleavage structure are plate-shaped, compared with fused fine grit aluminum oxide fine powder that is granular after grinding: this plate-shaped particle powder in the matrix can be effective.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers germany)The effects of plate-like silicon carbide abrasive in the form of coarse particles (aggregate) and fused white alumina on the flexural strength and thermal shock resistance are not significantly different. Alcoa has provided a sheet of corundum and fused white corundum as ordinary cement castables (with the addition of pure calcium aluminate cement at 15%), such as the green silicon carbide impact on its flexural strength and thermal shock resistance. As shown.

LipThe experimental results provided by Dilipc and Jain show that there is no significant difference in the flexural strength after brown aluminium oxide low temperature (105 ℃ and 816 ℃) heat treatment. Only when plate-shaped corundum or fused corundum is used in the matrix material, the effect on the flexural strength of the low cement castable after high temperature (above 1650 ° C) heat treatment is shown. For castables, the flexural strength after 180 grit aluminum oxide high temperature heat treatment is much higher.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers germany)

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