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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers Ireland

The developed and applied large-scale pre compensation aluminum reduction cells with capacity of 200kA and above have achieved good technical and economic indicators(brown fused alumina). Taking the developed and applied aluminum reduction cell with maximum capacity of 2kA as an example(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit), the main technical and economic indicators are environmental protection after dry purification.

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The steel bar in the carbon block of the cathode building collects the current, which is then directed to the anode bus of the next electrolyzer by the trench bus(black corundum). The concentration of chloride in the ambient air around the plant did not increase, and the chloride emission concentration of the tobacco and the work area were 244mg respectively(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), and the labor productivity was 376 tons / person year.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ireland)

At present, the above data show that China's aluminum electrolysis technology has reached the international advanced level, but we should see that most small and medium-sized factories in China still have a considerable gap from this level and need to improve(brown aluminum oxide). The raw material used for electrolysis is alumina, and carbon anode is used(aluminium oxide polishing powder). The result of electrolysis is molten aluminum on cathode and CO2 on anode.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ireland)It has been able to design, manufacture and equip 180, 200, 280, 320, 350 Ka capacity aluminum electrolytic transportation of pre molten anode and corresponding supporting engineering facilities, including alkali plant(pink corundum), raw material transportation, dry purification and environmental protection engineering, etc(corundum sand). The latter is caused by the high frequency of cutting and the insufficient mixing degree of the electrolyte.

In the design of electrolytic cell, we have mastered the "three field" simulation technology(brown aluminium oxide), and used ANSYS and mhld software in the simulation and optimization design. It can deal with the problems of magnetic field, flow field, thermoelectric balance and so on, the electrolyte is molten cryolite(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), which lays a foundation for the design and manufacture of large and extra large pre culture cells.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ireland)

The consumption of carbon anode is about 450kg / t-al(220 grit aluminum oxide), and the consumed carbon anode needs to be replaced with newly assembled anode regularly, about once every four weeks. In general, alumina in the world is supplied by dense phase conveying system to plant feeding box(black aluminum oxide media), and then added into electrolyte through shelling and feeding through point feeder according to the rate controlled by computer.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers ireland)In general, aluminum packaging can be heat preservation(white alumina), antifreeze, easy to open, easy to disinfect, waterproof, steam proof, light proof, both heat conduction and radiation, but also can be recycled. Electrolytic operation is carried out at 950 ~ 980 ℃(white aluminum oxide powder). Because the specific gravity of molten aluminum is larger than that of electrolyte (cryolite melt), it sinks on the carbon cathode at the bottom of electrolyte.

The frequency of changing anode is determined by anode design and operation rules of electrolytic plant, and the residual anode is replaced Send to anode preparation workshop for treatment(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). The surface of molten aluminum is cathode. Because the condition of the furnace side is not ideal, and with the increase of the current density(aluminum oxide blasting media), the corrosion of the cathode and the precipitation of the tank increase.

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