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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers Poland

Fused brown fused alumina is a white frit formed from industrial alumina powder, which is cooled and recrystallized after melting in an electric arc furnace. The main chemical composition is that the A1203 content is above 99%, and the impurity content is very small. The smelting process of garnet suppliers is basically a process of melting and recrystallization of industrial alumina powder, and there is no reduction process.

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Industrial brown aluminum oxide contains Al203, more than 98.5%, and a small amount of impurities such as Na2O, SiO2, and a small amount of Fe2O, 3. In order to eliminate or reduce the harmfulness of Na2O, add quartz sand or aluminum fluoride (AlF3). The former makes β-Al2O3 become nepheline, glass bead blasting media suppliers and the latter promotes Na2O volatilization. Although it can be removed by crushing, which seriously affects the white corundum frit Fire resistance.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers poland)Electrofusion treatment has certain purification and brown aluminium oxide purification effects, but it cannot be completely ruled out. Among them, Na2O and Al2O3 form β-Al2O3 (Na2O · 11Al2O3) in the molten state, and the amount of formation increases with the increase of Na2O content. -Al203 has a low melting point and a low density, so when the frit cools and crystallizes, it segregates in the upper and middle part of the garnet abrasive frit. 

The smelting process of white alumina is basically the same as that of brown corundum, and it is also divided into four stages: furnace opening, smelting, control, and refining. The furnace opening stage is basically the same as that of brown corundum, but there are three methods of paper tube method, carbon rod method and charcoal arc starting method for smelting aluminum oxide abrasive. At this time, the control can be ended.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers poland)

The smelting stage of silicon carbide abrasive is divided into two types: The former is mainly based on arcing during the smelting process, and the thickness of the material layer is generally between 150 and 200 mm. The advantage of this method is that the product obtained by smelting has a whiter color and better segregation of impurity-Al2O3. In principle, after the aluminum oxide grit surface of the electric furnace is all covered with red caps, it is appropriate to smelt for 20 ~ 30min.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers poland)However, the heat loss is large, the operating conditions are poor, green silicon carbide and the melting time is long. The latter has a thicker material layer, and the arc light is covered by the material layer for a longer time during the smelting, only intermittently running the arc light. During this period, the lower voltage, maximum power, and maximum temperature of the furnace liquid level are used to make the synthetic corundum furnace liquid surface form a red cap.

This black corundum process is suitable for high-power electric furnaces, especially furnaceless lining electric furnaces, which has the advantages of higher heat utilization rate, shorter melting time and convenient mechanical feeding. Control is to stop feeding in a certain period of time, generally in the middle of melting, so that the charge in the furnace is melted as much as possible, a small amount will remain in the emery abrasive melt, and the melting area is enlarged. 

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers poland)Rhenium refining is a key stage in the production of pink corundum, which directly affects the quality, quantity and material consumption of the product, and especially has a decisive influence on the color of the corundum and the crystal segregation of β-Al2O3. Therefore, there must be sufficient refining time to black silicon carbide melt the remaining charge as much as possible and volatilize the carbon therein. thin layer melting and thick layer melting. 

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