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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers Portugal

In order to make the electrolyte have enough fluidity(brown fused alumina), the temperature of electrolytic concentrate should be controlled in the range of 10 ~ 20 ℃ higher than that of the initial electrolyte.For dry solid or non product, their crystallization and melting process are completed within a certain temperature range(brown aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, their initial product temperature is not equal to the starting point.

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Secondly, the working environment of workers is improved, the heat consumption is reduced(garnet suppliers), the thermal damage and deformation of electrolysis equipment are reduced, and the service life of electrolysis equipment is extended. For pure products, the temperature of their formation and melting process is constant(white aluminium oxide blasting media), and their initial product temperature and melting point are equal in numerical value.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers portugal)The initial temperature of electrolyte is an important basis to determine the working temperature of electrolytic phase(brown aluminum oxide). Under the premise of ensuring that the electrolyte can meet the normal production of electrolysis, the lower the initial product temperature is, the better the initial product temperature is. With the decrease of the molar ratio of the electrolyte, the temperature of the initial product also decreases.

Usually the unit is U / em, and the dry electrolyte is discussed(brown aluminium oxide). When the molar ratio is equal to the same, the electrolyte of bulk crystal is called neutral electrolyte, and the electrolyte with molar ratio greater than 3 is called alkaline. Less than the purpose is acidic. The physical meaning of initial temperature and melting point is different(green silicon carbide). The density of electrolyte decreases with the increase of temperature.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers portugal)

In the production process of modern Ministry of electricity(garnet abrasive), due to the improvement of the level of automatic control process of electrolytic refining, the superheat of electrolyte is controlled at 9 ~ 13 ℃. Density is the mass per unit volume of a substance. At present, the density of electrolyte must be less than the current density to ensure that the electrolyte end body is sewn on the top of the production line.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers portugal)The larger the output meter is, the better the delamination will be(white aluminium oxide). Therefore, density is one of its important properties, which directly affects whether the electrolyte melt and both are well separated. In the electrolysis production of the Ministry of industry, the density of liquid system is 2.3g/em under the electrolytic level(aluminum oxide grit). The temperature at which the state product begins to melt is called the melting point.

The less passive the interface between them will be caused by the external influence(black aluminum oxide), so as to reduce the solution dissolution in the electrolyte and improve the current efficiency. In addition, with the development of electrolytic production, AIF is continuously cleaned up due to the loss of volatile surfac(black silicon carbide)e, and the density of electrolyte changes in the future. In addition to the temperature national standard.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers portugal)

However, in the actual production(pink aluminum oxide), it is not possible to reduce the density of electrolyte by increasing the temperature, because increasing the temperature will bring many adverse effects on the electrolytic production. So that its density map is different from that of pure salt(aluminum oxide abrasive). The working temperature of the sample plant is scorched to reduce the evaporation loss of electrolyte and improve the current efficiency.

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