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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers Saudi Arabia

That is, when the brown fused alumina grain edge is still quite sharp, it can withstand the applied pressure without being broken. Abrasives with poor strength have fast pulverization of abrasive grains, low cutting capacity, and short service life. This requires that in addition to high hardness, the abrasive particles should also have sufficient strength to perform the silicon carbide abrasive grinding process better.

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After understanding the particle size, hardness and strength of the abrasive, let's look at the selection range of emery abrasive: brown aluminum oxide, code A, brown color, high hardness, high toughness, low price, and wide application. It can also grind metals with higher tensile strength, such as ordinary green silicon carbide grinding, cutting and free grinding of carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, and hard bronze.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers saudi arabia)brown aluminium oxide, code WA, white color, hardness higher than aluminum oxide abrasive, low toughness, good grinding performance, small grinding heat. It is suitable for general grinding of hardened and high-strength materials such as quenched steel and high-speed steel, and can also be used for processing threads, gears and thin-walled parts. Suitable for grinding of ordinary steel, self-grinding and rough grinding. 

The strength of the abrasive refers to the firmness of the white alumina itself. Suitable for forming grinding, precision grinding of tools, measuring tools, instrument parts, threaded workpieces, and other various high-quality surface processing. Green silicon carbide, code GC, green color, high hardness second only to boron carbide and diamond, brittleness, aluminum oxide grit particles, and thermal conductivity.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers saudi arabia)

Black silicon carbide, code C, black color, higher hardness than corundum, greater brittleness, lower toughness. Ming corundum, code PA, is pink or rose in color, with sharp abrasive cutting edges, good shuttle angle retention, high durability, and higher toughness than synthetic corundum. It is suitable for grinding hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics, precious stones, agate, honing steam and other hard and brittle materials.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers saudi arabia)Suitable for processing metal and non-metal materials with low tensile strength, such as: cast iron, brass, black corundum, stone, wood, glass, ceramics, refractory materials, rubber, leather, plastic, etc. Well, I believe that after our detailed introduction, you have a good understanding of the particle size, hardness, strength of aluminium oxide abrasive grit and the choice of diamond particle size, hardness, and strength.

The pink corundum can be used for the user. First of all, it needs to consider its cleanliness. In the production process of the abrasive, it is necessary to use wooden tools. This will inevitably produce some wood chips. How can we avoid this? Use high-power dry cleaning machine to clean F54 coarse products. This machine consists of two fans, one is a blower and the other aluminium oxide blasting is an induced fan.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers saudi arabia)

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