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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers Switzerland

At present, in these applications(brown fused alumina), the voltage state applied to the electrolytic capacitor is to select AC component voltages of different frequencies on the DC voltage, which is called pulsating voltage (also called ripple voltage), in which case it flows through aluminum electrolysis The alternating current of the capacitor is called ripple current(abrasive garnet sand). Please use at rated voltage or low dry voltage.

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Add a paint stabilizer that can improve the stability of the oxide film in the working electrolyte, such as phosphoric acid and its salts for the hydration of the oxide film(aluminum oxide grit). Electrolytic capacitors are often used as filtering, bypassing, coupling, and frequency division applications in electronic circuits(calcined alumina). When the disturbance is too serious and cannot be partially eliminated by this method, the sample is frequently reground.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers switzerland)Generally, this is repeated several times, and the disturbance phenomenon can be removed(brown aluminum oxide). In order to improve its ability to withstand reverse voltage, or for products that require reverse voltage resistance, the cathode box can be formed specifically to make the bright electrode box The oxide film on the upper reaches a certain thickness(arc fused alumina), but this is in exchange for sacrificing capacity or increasing volume.

The electric field intensity E that we apply to the oxide film will increase with the increase of voltage, which is the electron current 1 which is the main part of the leakage current(brown aluminium oxide). Ordinary aluminum electrolytic capacitors are polarized. Before use, confirm the polarity mark(silicon carbide companies). For this reason, all the cathode boxes used have a certain cathode specific volume, and the performance of the oxide film is stable.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers switzerland)

The short lead is negative and the long lead is positive(white alumina). If there is metal disorder on the surface of the sample after light etching, if the original set of Hu cannot be displayed, it can be lightly polished on the polishing plate and then etched. Ordinary aluminum electrolytic capacitors are not suitable for frequent charging and discharging(chrome alumina). For high-voltage capacitors, the oxide film on the cathode is too thin.

(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers switzerland)If the result of the inspection is used to determine the correction factor of the product(black corundum), because the correction factor is related to many factors such as the quality of the raw materials used, the characteristics of the working electrolyte, the correction factor of different manufacturers is not completely the same(green carborundum), and the size of the correction factor can also be used Measure the technical level of the manufacturing plant.

When the applied voltage is finely increased and the thickness of the dielectric oxide film remains unchanged(pink corundum), the The relationship of the applied field strength E conforms to the sinusoidal hyperbolic function: where E is the applied electric field strength, a is a constant exponentially related to temperature, and b is a constant(glass beads supplier). Furthermore, there is a negative symbol on the casing of the product.(cheap brown fused alumina suppliers switzerland)

Note: Otherwise(silicon carbide price), in some cases, the southern film can be observed by microscopy without etching (such as the determination of inclusions, etc.). Once the applied voltage exceeds the rated operating voltage, the leakage current will increase sharply, and the level of production technology, and heat will cause the product to open or break down and fail(black oxide aluminum). The first-class chemical theory can be explained in this case.

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