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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers Taiwan

Roller crusher crushes and squeezes materials by means of rollers. Roller crusher has single roll, double roll and four roll. fused aluminium oxide processing uses double rolls, also known as "roller". It has the advantages of simple structure, small equipment size, light weight, easy adjustment of crushing brown fused alumina particle size, and small proportion of over crushed material. Self-grinding machine is also called medialess attritor.

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The equipment has a high degree of automation, easy management and high production efficiency. The black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media disadvantages are that the crushing ratio is small (not more than 3), the yield is low, and the products are mostly flakes, and there are few iso-shaped particles. The ball mill uses the grinding body in the cylinder to crush the material, and the relative sliding of the green silicon carbide grinding body has the grinding effect on the material.

Its characteristics are strong crushing ability, large crushing ratio (up to 200 ~ 300), better black corundum product shape, more equal shaped particles, less complicated mechanical structure, easy to inspect and replace worn parts, simple operation and maintenance. The disadvantages are large starting torque, aluminum oxide abrasive large unit energy consumption, large noise and vibration, and large consumption of steel balls. The screen used for auxiliary screening is also called the control screen.

"Ball mill with screen" commonly used for brown aluminum oxide honing abrasive processing is a short-cylinder peripheral discharge ball mill. Its barrel has three layers. The outermost layer is a screen layer, the middle layer is a protective screen made of steel plate, and the inner layer is an inner lining made of wear-resistant hammer steel castings. In order to avoid clogging, the black silicon carbide perforations on the inner lining are made into conical holes with small inside and large outside.

The particle size distribution of the pink corundum obtained by the ball mill with sieve is related to factors such as the sieve condition, the ratio of the diameter of the steel ball (the ratio of the size of the steel ball), the feeding speed and the ratio of the ball to the material. It is a pulverizing equipment that uses the interaction of materials to grind, that is, large pieces of materials are impact-milled on small pieces of material, and large pieces of synthetic corundum material are also gradually ground.

Crushing brown aluminium oxide with a self-grinding machine has the following characteristics: large crushing ratio (up to 3000 ~ 4000) and wide feeding range. One self-grinding machine can finish coarse, medium and fine crushing at the same time. The self-grinding machine does not use grinding media, which can reduce the chance of the aluminum oxide grit finished product mixed into the ferroalloy. The shape of the abrasive grains is good, and the equal-shaped particles reach more than 90%.

There is a certain degree of over-pulverization, so the commonly used particle size yield in silicon carbide abrasive processed products is slightly lower. After the large pieces of abrasive are broken into granules, the process of separating the abrasives into different particle sizes through layers of screens according to similar size is called screening. According to the national standard, 26 kinds of pink fused alumina particle size specifications of F4 ~ F220 are produced by sieving method.

The screening of white alumina can be divided into three types: auxiliary screening, group screening and finished product screening. The auxiliary screening is to improve the productivity of the crusher, reduce the over-pulverization and blockage of the material, screen the materials that have reached the specified size, and return the large emery abrasive materials that do not pass through the screen holes to the crushing equipment, forming a closed-loop cycle process.

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