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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Wholesale Price Switzerland

Roots blower is used for pneumatic lift pump(brown fused alumina), air compressor is used for dense phase conveying pump, and high efficiency centrifugal fan is used for chute conveying, and the material is transported from the ground to an altitude of more than 30 meters through the bolt conveying of double pipe dense phase conveying pipe(aluminum oxide abrasive). The bucket elevator uses iron bucket to lift materials.

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The utility model fan has the advantages of stable operation, convenient maintenance(pink corundum), low air supply pressure, stable operation, less wear and maintenance on the chute, and less energy consumption by using the natural slope of the chute to break the rest angle of material flow for conveying(abrasive blasting grit). The pipeline transportation technology of comminuted material is dense phase transportation technology. 

(cheap brown fused alumina wholesale price switzerland)The conveying equipment is selected according to the site characteristics and conveying distance of alumina(brown aluminum oxide). For long distance and vertical upward conveying away from the silo, double pipe dense phase conveying is adopted. The selection of feeding equipment must be scientific, considering the characteristics of the equipment(aluminum oxide grit). It is used for conveying powdery, granular and small materials. 

For long distance and vertical upward conveying close to the silo, air lift pump is adopted The static pressure energy is transported by ultra dense phase(silicon carbide abrasive). The crushing materials are the shell blocks of the residual electrode surface returned from the electrolysis workshop, and the materials for cleaning the trench(garnet abrasive). For short distance and vertical conveying close to the silo, pneumatic lift pump is adopted.(cheap brown fused alumina wholesale price switzerland)

Its transportation technology mainly includes pipeline lifting technology, bucket lifting technology and screw transportation technology(brown aluminium oxide). The high pressure compressed air and material conveying pipe are used to make the material in fluidization. There is a wide range of promotion(steel shot abrasive). According to the requirements of different conveying technologies for air pressure, different air supply fans are selected.

(cheap brown fused alumina wholesale price switzerland)After crushing by jaw crusher, this kind of material is grinded into powder(green silicon carbide), and then transported to the multi-functional crane feeding point or other designated position by a complete set of conveying equipment for power supply and recycling in the workshop(fast conveying speed). For short distance and negative pressure(synthetic corundum), the material column can be balanced and air chute conveying is adopted.

The equipment shall be inspected and maintained regularly(white alumina), and the specific matters are as follows: during the use, the sediment in the chute shall be cleaned regularly, and if necessary, the filter screen shall be added at the feeding port of the powder storage and transportation system to prevent the sand(garnet suppliers), rope head and other debris from entering the chute(large degree of freedom).(cheap brown fused alumina wholesale price switzerland)

Before the operation of the air compressor, the bucket elevator is a vertical conveyor(black corundum), which is a special conveying equipment to continuously transport materials upward through the flexible hopper chain(static pressure energy). The bucket elevator has the advantages of simple structure(white corundum abrasive), small floor area, strong conveying capacity and large lifting height (conveying height up to 40m, TG type up to 80m).

(cheap brown fused alumina wholesale price switzerland)Select the conveying equipment according to the requirements of material supply(black silicon carbide), adopt super dense phase conveying equipment for regular conveying, adopt dense phase conveying equipment for intermittent loose conveying according to the situation of incoming material, and adopt dilute phase conveying equipment (independent air supply, reliable air supply(emery abrasive), not limited by other equipment).

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