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corundum abrasive hardness is to adjust the appearance of the material to resist some deformation, especially to resist plastic deformation, indentation or scratches. It is a performance indicator to measure the hardness of alumina abrasive, and it is a micro-embodiment of corundum microstructure. It is customary to divide hardness experiments into two categories: micro hardness and micro hardness.

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Micro-hardness refers to the hardness test using a load of 1 Kgf (9.81 N) or more; Micro-hardness refers to the black corundum hardness test using a load of 1 Kgf (9.81 N) or less. It is actually a microscope with loading equipment and eyepiece micrometer. It consists of the main body of the hardness tester, micrometer eyepiece and related accessories. The fused alumina micrometer eyepiece is used to query the metallographic or microscopic arrangement and determine the inspection site.

(cheap brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)Measuring the length of the diagonal, the collection of data, etc .; the host of the brown fused alumina hardness tester ends the switching of the eyepiece and the indenter, applies the load at the determined brown corundum inspection site, and ends the movement of the path to find the image point; Anjing and other specimens. The emery abrasive micro hardness tester uses a Knoop diamond pyramid indenter or a Vickers diamond indenter to measure the external hardness of the data.

With a load not greater than 9.81N, the square cone diamond indenter with an angle of 136 ° on the pink corundum opposite surface is pressed. Press the appearance of the data. After adhering to the regular time, after removing the experimental force (unloading), a square-shaped square pyramid or Knoop indentation on the bottom surface of the silicon carbide companies sample remains, and the diagonal of the indentation is measured by the eyepiece micrometer.(cheap brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)

The microhardness value is the ratio of the experimental force to the outer surface area of the indentation. The brown aluminum oxide principle of microhardness inspection is shown in Figure 5. The microhardness test is used to indicate that the measuring instrument is a microhardness tester, which is a kind of indentation hardness, arc fused alumina which reflects that the measured brown corundum is hostile to the intrusion of another hard object.

(cheap brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)Length to obtain the area of the indentation. In order to accurately measure the diagonal length of the brown corundum Knoop and Vickers diamond indentations, it is necessary to understand the indentation because the indentation understanding is actually a criterion for measuring the quality of the appearance of the synthetic corundum sample. The hardness is measured according to such parameters.

Therefore, before measuring the white corundum microhardness, the sample to be inspected is made into a reflective abrasive sheet sample, and the sample is polished with a polishing paste to obtain a bright, flat and lubricated appearance, and then the sample is placed in a microscope The hardness of the hardness tester was measured. In the experiment, the green carborundum inspection load is 200gf, which is 1.961N; the load retention time is 10s, and the tower is a 50x objective lens.(cheap brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)

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