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Cheap Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Factory Brazil

Gelatin is odorless, brown fused alumina odorless, non-volatile, insoluble in organic solvents and dilute alkalis and dilute acids, but fully absorbs water in cold water and swells to form a flexible jelly, which is heated to 30-34 ° C and gel Will immediately melt into a very viscous glue. Gelatin is a high molecular weight protein. The molecular weight of gelatin is as small as 17,500, the garnet abrasive maximum is 450,000, and the finest gelatin is 100,000 ~ 150,000.

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The better the gelatin quality, and its structure is extremely complicated. It is a thermoplastic polymer adhesive made by the brown aluminum oxide polymerization reaction of vinyl acetate monomer. Phenolic resin Water-soluble phenolic resin is one of the most important binders for coated abrasives. According to the green silicon carbide form, it is divided into solution (water-soluble and alcohol-soluble resin), powder and film, and it can be cured at 120 ~ 145 ℃, which is a high temperature curing.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory brazil)

Industrial gelatin used for coated abrasives has a viscosity of ≥6 °, moisture <18%, ash <1.5%, oil content <1.5%, pH value 7, brown aluminium oxide foaming volume ≤23mL, and good hydrolyzability. The glue has a viscosity of ≥4E, moisture <18%, and ash <2%. The viscosity of bone glue is ≥3 °, and other indicators are the same as those of leather glue. Amine curing agents include black silicon carbide ethylenediamine and alicyclic amine. The anhydride curing agent is used less in the adhesive.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory brazil)It can be used to produce metallographic sandpaper and joint adhesive for white alumina dry abrasive cloth tape. Urea formaldehyde resin can be used as a treatment agent and a bonding agent for coated abrasives. Abrasive tools using this bonding agent are widely used in wood processing, chipboard, plywood polishing, aluminum oxide abrasive fine polishing of wooden furniture, etc. The elements that make up the gelatin protein are C, H, O, N, S, P and so on.

Polyester acid vinyl emulsion is referred to as white latex. It can be used to produce semi-resin coated abrasives and black corundum water-resistant coated abrasives. It greatly improves the quality of coated abrasive products. Synthetic resin curing agents are commonly used in phenolic resins, amino resins, alkyd resins, and polyamide resins. Mixed with phenolic resin and epoxy resin as a binder, it has the characteristics of aluminum oxide grit high bonding strength and good heat resistance.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory brazil)

When gelatin is cold, it turns into jelly, pink corundum which is called gelling. Divided by curing temperature: high temperature curing phenolic resin, curing temperature is 130 ~ 150 ℃; medium temperature curing phenolic resin, the larger the molecular weight, curing temperature is 105 ~ 110 ℃; room temperature curing phenolic resin. The most suitable solution for coating abrasives is a solution-type phenolic resin that cures at moderate and synthetic corundum normal temperatures.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory brazil)Water-soluble phenolic resins are divided into three categories: the first is the high ratio of formaldehyde to phenol, the silicon carbide abrasive pH value is approximately equal to 8, the water solubility is good, the solid content is 50% ~ 70%, and the viscosity is 0.5 ~ 18Pa · s, which can be between 80 ~ Cured at 110 ℃; the second type is low formaldehyde to phenol ratio, pH is higher than 8, poor water solubility, solid content is 75% ~ 87%, viscosity is 0.8 ~ 80Pa · s, and it can be cured at 110 ~ 130 ℃; third The type is the same ratio of phenol and formaldehyde, the emery abrasive pH value is between 6 ~ 8.

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