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Cheap Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Factory Peru

Generally, solid particles below 1mm are called powder, and abrasives, bonding agents, and synthetic corundum molding materials can be considered as powder. The semi-dry forming pressing method is to press the powder into a certain shape. When the powder is pressed by the external force during molding, and the intensity increases linearly, and the strength is not large, the white fused aluminium oxide particles themselves move and deform. 

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The size of powder varies widely. The powder aggregate (powder, powder) has the following characteristics: silicon carbide abrasive powder is an aggregate with voids; in general, powder acts on external forces The total volume and shape change, but the deformation of the powder particles is small; the connection between the powder particles is weak, and the mechanical connection between the white aluminum oxide abrasive particles is almost proportional to the contact surface area between the aluminum oxide grit particles.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory peru)When the external force is balanced with the friction between the particles, the particles are in equilibrium, otherwise the brown aluminium oxide particles continue to move until a new equilibrium is reached. The relative density of the green body changes regularly. If the wholesale brown fused alumina forming pressure is taken as the abscissa and the relative density of the green body is taken as the ordinate, the qualitative relationship curve is obtained as shown in the figure. 

In the first stage of compression, the pink corundum density of the green body increases sharply; when the pressure increases in the second stage, the density of the bad body increases slowly, and there is almost no change in the later stage; after the pressure in the third stage exceeds a certain value (limit deformation stress), the The density increases with increasing pressure. It is divided into three stages according to the aluminum oxide abrasive shape of the curve.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory peru)

The change in the density of the green body during the brown fused alumina pressing process can be discussed quantitatively. Prolonging the pressing time t can also reduce the porosity of the green body, but it will reduce the productivity. The shape and size of the green body and the brown fused alumina oxide properties of the powder have an influence on the density of the bad body. Rhenium interacts with the force of atoms, but it is not obvious in the third stage. 

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory peru)The formula obtained through analysis is as follows: From the above formula, the following discussion can be made: the void volume V that is free to pile up when the black corundum powder is loaded into the mold. The smaller the smaller the porosity V of the green body after molding. Increasing the black silicon carbide pressure P can reduce the porosity V of the green body, and they have an exponential relationship. But the P value cannot be too large.

During the brown aluminum oxide pressing process, the powder and the mold wall have a friction effect, resulting in pressure loss. The relationship between the strength of the broken body and the molding pressure is shown in the figure. The pressure in the first stage is smaller, the contact area between particles is small. The emery abrasive molding pressure in the second stage continues to increase between particles. The contact area has increased significantly.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory peru)

A common problem encountered in pressing is the uneven pressure distribution, that is, the white alumina pressure on different parts of the green body is different, which causes the density of each part of the bad body to differ. The reason for this phenomenon is the internal friction between the particles and the external friction between the particles and the mold wall when the green silicon carbide particles move and rearrange. These two forces hinder the transmission of pressure.

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