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Cheap Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Factory UAE

Mica powder mica exists in clay as very fine particles(brown fused alumina), muscovite Mohs hardness is 2.0 ~ 2.5 grade, density is 2.76 ~ 3.10g/em3, good heat resistance, wear resistance, insulation properties, can be divided into very thin slices along the cleavage. Therefore(low sodium white fused alumina), the hardness of water in the coating should not be too high (10mg of calcium oxide in 1L is called 1 degree), which can be solved by steaming water or adding chemical modifier.

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Generally, the tap water can meet the requirements and can not be treated(brown aluminum oxide). The commonly used suspending agents for water-based coatings include bentonite, attapulgite, dianylcellulose (CMC), sodium alginate, polyacrylamide, xanthan gum, etc. Montmorillonite is water aluminosilicate containing a small amount of alkali metals and alkaline earth metals(green silicon carbide). The suspension agent can also give the required rheological properties of the coating.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory uae)The suspension agents that must be used in water-based coatings are mainly lithium bentonite and sodium bentonite(silicon carbide abrasive). The coating with water as carrier is called water-based coating, and coating with various alcohols as carrier is called alcohol based coating(emery abrasive). The function of suspension agent is to use solid materials to disperse and suspend in the carrier liquid to prevent the excessive penetration of the carrier liquid to the mold and core.

The composition of Australian spodumene is (%): li203, 5.00-7.50, Al2O3, 19.41-26.91, SiO2, 64.16-74.35(pink corundum). The carrier liquid is the dispersion medium of refractory powder and the solvent for some subdivision of coatings. The commonly used suspending agents for alcohol based coatings are(synthetic corundum): organobentonite, sodium bentonite, lithium bentonite, attapulgite, rectorite, sepiolite, polyvinyl butyraldehyde (PVB), SN suspension agent, etc.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory uae)

Bentonite bentonite is clay with montmorillonite as the main mineral(black corundum). After the bentonite is wetted by water, water not only adsorbs on the surface of particles, but also enters the crystal layer of montmorillonite to form colloidal particles, and the carrier liquid changes into colloidal solution(aluminum oxide grit). Spodumene spodumene is a single chain silicate, colorless or grayish white, with Mohs hardness of 6.5 ~ 7 and relative density of 3.03 ~ 3.22.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory uae)The bentonite particles form a spatial network structure in the colloidal solution(white alumina), which makes the bentonite slurry have the bending eye value and the refractory powder particles are not easy to sink. Spodumene can be used as auxiliary powder of molding sand and flux of EPC coating, which helps to prevent veining and porosity defects of castings(aluminum oxide abrasive).  After adding naco2, the slurry is stirred evenly, and then placed for 2 ~ 3 days, the activation reaction can be fully achieved.

Bentonite can be divided into calcium bentonite, sodium bentonite, lithium bentonite and organic bentonite(brown aluminium oxide). The water swelling capacity of sodium based bentonite is greater than that of calcium bentonite. Natural calcium bentonite can be changed into sodium bentonite by ion exchange treatment(black silicon carbide). Generally, 4% ~ 6% sodium carbonate is added into the calcium bentonite, and the calcium bentonite slurry can be prepared first, and plays a role of anti sand sticking.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory uae)

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