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HBO3 can also be added in the production of large crystal brown aluminium oxide clinker, 1% ~ 2%. Corundum clinker sintered by mixing industrial alumina with 5% ~ 10% kaolin or clay is used. Therefore, in order to maintain the high refractory performance of aluminum oxide for sand blaster refractory, the incorporation of iron oxide must be avoided when adding TiO2. 

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One of the structural characteristics of high-temperature calcined plate-shaped white alumina is that there are many closed circular pores in the crystal. Clinker calcined at 1900 ~ 1950 ° C, equiaxed crystal size. Occasionally, black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit prismatic crystals of 50um × 200um ~ 200um × 400um were observed, and the grain distribution was uneven. Sintered under ultra-high temperature conditions.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory uk)

The main crystal phases of sintered black corundum are a-Al203, but due to different calcination temperature and additives, a-Al2O3 crystal size and grain morphology are different. For example, the corundum crystals in the calcined clinker at 1750 ~ 1650 ℃ are mostly 5 ~ 15um equiaxed crystals, among which the individual grain size reaches 100 ~ 200um. The average green silicon carbide grain size of the clinker calcined at 1750 ~ 1830 ℃ is 50 ~ 100um.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory uk)Alcoa successfully developed plate-shaped pink corundum in 1935, but their plate-shaped alumina is finely ground using pre-fired industrial alumina, and after forming into a ball, it is at a temperature slightly lower than its melting point (that is, about 1925 ° C). Because this sintered corundum is cheaper than fused alumina, the United States, Western Europe and other countries are widely used in refractory materials.

Alcoa has successively produced sintered brown fused alumina in Germany, Holland and other countries. Japan began importing sintered corundum production technology from the United States in 1965. The firing temperature was 1925 ° C, sinterability and high temperature characteristics, and the temperature was maintained for 2 hours. It can be used as the permanent layer of ladle and the lining of black silicon carbide melting furnace.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory uk)In 1973, it built its own factory for sintered corundum production,  and is superior to fused black synthetic corundum in terms of purity. The scope and quantity of its use have gradually increased and expanded. In recent years, some manufacturers in Shandong, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Henan, Shaanxi and other places in China have claimed to start producing plate-shaped pink aluminium oxide and advertised in relevant publications.

Tianjin University conducted a study on the effect of brown aluminum oxide ultrahigh temperature firing on Al2O3 grain morphology: a small molybdenum wire furnace with a firing temperature up to 1950 ° C, a-Al2O3 fine powder (average particle size 0.9um) with an Al2O3 content of 99.41% Methyl cellulose was used as the binding agent. It is mixed, granulated, shaped, and aluminium oxide sandblasting dried in a molybdenum wire furnace.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide factory uk)

The volume density of the green body after silicon carbide abrasive firing is 3.89g / cm2, the true density is 3.95g / cm2, containing Al2O3, 99.42%, Fe2O3, 0.02%, Na20, 0.05% Al2O3 crystals are obviously plate-like, when Y2O3 + MgO is added The 0.1% Al2O3 sample can still be plated into Al2O3 crystals after calcination at 1925 ° C. It is best to increase the temperature without adding any additives to prepare large-crystal plate high purity fused aluminum oxide clinker.

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