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Surface pretreatment is the first and very important step of coating preparation. The quality of brown aluminium oxide surface pretreatment directly affects the bonding strength of the coating. The purpose of surface pretreatment is to prepare the surface to be sprayed into a surface suitable for 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media spraying, with enough binding surface and certain activity.

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Surface pretreatment is generally divided into three steps: surface pretreatment, surface purification and black corundum surface coarsening (or activation). Its purpose: first, to make the workpiece surface suitable for coating deposition and increase the bonding area; second, to overcome the coating shrinkage stress. Some parts of the garnet suppliers workpiece are pre processed to disperse the local stress of the coating and increase the shear resistance of the coating.

It is also one of the common methods to coarse turn the thread on the pink corundum surface of workpiece, especially when spraying large workpiece, it is often used to turn the thread to increase the joint area. Two problems should be paid attention to when turning the thread. First, the thread section should be suitable for spraying. The rectangular section or semicircle section is not conducive to the combination of the steel shot abrasive coating.

The methods of solvent cleaning silicon carbide price, alkaline solution cleaning and heating degreasing are often used to remove oil stains on the surface and maintain cleanliness. Common cleaning solvents are: gasoline, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethylene. Alkaline solution is often used to clean large repair workpieces. Alkali liquor is generally prepared with sodium hydroxide or glass bead blasting media suppliers sodium carbonate. This is a cheaper way.

Sandblasting can form even and uneven rough surface on the green carborundum clean surface to facilitate the mechanical combination of coating. Using clean compressed air to drive clean sand particles to spray on the surface of the workpiece can produce compressive stress on the surface of the substrate, remove the oxide film on the surface, cause lattice distortion of some surface metals, which is conducive to the physical combination of the coating.

The commonly used abrasives for sandblasting are: white alumina (pure alumina), brown fused alumina (alumina + iron oxide), silica sand, emery, etc. White corundum sand has high hardness, low crushing rate and good sandblasting effect. Brown corundum is also a kind of common abrasive with moderate price, high hardness of silicon carbide companies sand but high crushing rate. Cold hard iron sand or steel sand can also be used for sandblasting.

The size of the sand should be selected according to the specific shape of the workpiece. Generally, grade s (Y1) or higher is adopted. The manufacturing methods of air hole grinding wheel and general ceramic bond grinding wheel are basically the same. The difference is that a certain amount of pore enhancer is added to the raw material. It volatilizes completely or is burnt out before the arc fused alumina grinding wheel is sintered, thus producing large pores.

The common methods are fillet cutting and coating groove prefabrication. The brown aluminum oxide sand must be clean to avoid secondary pollution of the surface. As the backbone of fused alumina manufacturing industry, machinery industry is an important industry and economic pillar of the national economy, and has a close relationship with the economy.

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