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High alumina body density: Only one brown corundum company requires bauxite body density of 2.3-2.5g / cm3; Others: Two companies have explicitly proposed that CaO + MgO should not be higher than 0.6% or 0.8%, and more The lower the general requirements, the better. The tensile strength of the aluminium oxide abrasive grit article reflects the strength of the abrasive article under the maximum tensile stress. 

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The requirements for bauxite for smelting brown fused alumina, after investigating 11 brown corundum companies in Shanxi, Henan and other places, we learned that the requirements for bauxite for brown corundum smelting are not high. Specific requirements are as follows: green silicon carbide content requirements: 8 of 11 companies require bauxite Al2O3: 87-88%, 3 companies require Al2O3 ≥ 85%, in short, the alumina content must not be less than 85%;

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers)It is an important index in the manufacture and use of pink corundum, which is directly related to the degree of possible fracture of the abrasives when rotating at high speed. When the abrasive tool is used for forming and grinding, such as thread grinding, crankshaft grinding, and various types of cut grinding, the lungs are required to have good flexural strength and be able to resist the black alumina bending stress generated during grinding.

Honing tool strength depends on the brown aluminum oxide manufacturing process of the grinding tool, the properties of the bonding agent and the specifications of the grinding tool. Occasionally companies have strict requirements for bauxite. The flexural strength of the black silicon carbide article reflects the maximum bending stress or bending limit of the abrasive article. Its strength includes tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength and impact strength. 

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers)silicon carbide abrasive content requirements: The factors that affect the strength of abrasives are: the type and size of abrasives, the type and performance of the bonding agent used, the hardness, microstructure, density of the abrasives, the mixing and heat treatment process conditions, the shape of the high purity fused aluminum oxide, the ratio of the outer diameter of the grinding wheel to the hole diameter, etc. 

Among them, after the characteristics and specifications of the brown aluminium oxide tools are given, the bonding agent performance and heat treatment process conditions are the most important. The compressive strength of honing tools reflects the strength limit of the tools under pressure. For example, the possibility of blunt fracture and breakage of aluminum oxide abrasive grains during grinding with increased radial load is related to the compressive strength.

(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers)The tensile strength of the abrasive tool must be less than the flexural strength, and even less than the white alumina compressive strength. It also reflects the ability of the abrasive tool to resist rupture during high-speed rotation. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe use of the abrasive tool, the tensile strength of the aluminum oxide grit abrasive tool appears It is very important, and it is a key issue that the abrasive workers focus on research.

All companies require that the bauxite's SiO2 content not exceed 4%, black corundum which is basically maintained between 2 and 3.4%; the impact strength of the abrasive tool reflects the performance of the abrasive tool under dynamic load. For the problem of high CaO content in brown corundum, enterprises generally report that either the smelting of aluminum oxide for sand blaster is required to have low CaO content, or adjust the refining time to achieve the purpose of reducing impurities.(cheap brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers)

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