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Cheap Carborundum Abrasives Manufacturers China

Using glass bead blasting media suppliers microcrystalline phase inversion and surface modification technology, the y-Al2O3 or Al (OH) 3 powder is processed by a special process, and then maintained in a tunnel kiln at 1200 ° C for 2 hours to make an average particle size of 3 to 3.4um After the -Al2O3 content is 100%, the arAl2O3 ultrafine powder with an average green silicon carbide particle size of 1pm can be obtained after 8 h of vibration milling.

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Production process principle The phase change of industrial brown aluminum oxide is generally a-Al2O3. In order to transform the low-temperature microcrystalline phase, the main basis for selecting the microcrystalline phase-inverting agent is to increase the -Al2O3 activity during the phase transition and increase the phase transition rate. y-Al2O3 is a cubic crystal system, aluminum oxide abrasive and a-Al2O3 is a trigonal crystal system. 

The brown aluminium oxide fine powder has good sintering activity and can reduce the firing temperature of the product by 50 ~ 100 ° C. The transition from y to a phase is a reconstruction polycrystalline transition. This phase transition involves the breaking and reconstruction of bonds, and the secondary coordination number changes substantially. In the space near the black silicon carbide surface, there is a large amount of ion electric field spreading.

There should be no residue in the concrete, so as not to affect the white alumina high temperature and electrical properties of refractory materials and electronic ceramics. Phase transition consumes large energy, so the phase transition temperature is high, and the phase transition proceeds slowly. Microscopic observation revealed that the aluminum oxide grit surface aggregated due to hydration and could not be determined. Particle size distribution, but this active Al2O3.

Reconstruction phase transition is a first-order phase transition, brown fused alumina price which includes two stages of crystal nucleation and new phase growth. The method of accelerating atomic diffusion by increasing defects accelerates the production process of the new phase, completes the phase change process at a lower temperature, and suppresses the abnormal growth of the new phase, so that it is easy to obtain synthetic corundum fine -Al2O3 powder.

The reduction of surface energy is a spontaneous trend of thermodynamics, so the agglomeration of brown fused alumina fine powder is an inevitable result. From the analysis of the surface force field, it can be seen that the surface of the Al2O3 powder has a negatively charged electric double layer. Alien ends attract each other or polarize neutral media to attract them, resulting in agglomeration of emery abrasive fine powder. A-Al2O3 ultrafine powder.

The application of the treatment agent should reduce the Na2O content in the industrial black corundum during the phase change process. A certain proportion of the mixed treatment agent was mixed with industrial Al2O3, and calcined at 1150 ° C for 1.5 hours. The a-Al2O3 fine powder with a phase conversion rate of 100% and a garnet abrasive particle size of 3.01um was obtained, and the fine powder was less than 1um by ball milling.

Except for No. 10, No. 11, and No. 12, the hydration weight gain rates of the other pink corundum fine powders are close to zero or equal to zero, indicating that their surfaces are emotional, and no hydration occurs during normal temperature conditions or during the drying process. On the other hand, garnet suppliers samples 10, 11, and 12 had hydration weight gains of 2.2% to 5.4%, indicating that these three fine powders were surface-activated active Al2O3.

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