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What is called slurry? It is customary to refer to a kind of slurry coated on the surface of cotton cloth as slurry(black aluminum oxide). This is a narrow sense. In a broad sense, in the manufacturing process of coated abrasives, in order to facilitate the application of glue to plant sand and obtain certain characteristics of the abrasives(high purity fused aluminum oxide), the substrate must be treated and a layer of chemical adhesive is applied to the front and back surfaces.

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On the one hand, it is necessary to consider the adhesiveness between the slurry and the substrate(white aluminum oxide). This layer of chemically-adhesive material is called a matrix treatment agent, and is conventionally called a slurry. At the same time, the viscosity of the slurry must be fairly stable throughout the substrate treatment process(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). For cotton cloth, it enters the inside of cotton yarn; for base paper, it enters the paper fibers and between them.

That is to say, whether it is cotton sizing(pink aluminum oxide), or the mixture of binders and auxiliary materials used in the substrate treatment of base paper and other matrix materials, this is the same. For slurry, adhesiveness refers to the ability of the slurry to adhere to the base material(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The size of the adhesive capacity can be understood as the force required to peel the slurry film from the substrate after drying the slurry into a film.

The viscosity is too large to prevent wetting(white corundum). In this chapter, we will introduce the necessary properties of slurry, the composition and type of slurry, and the preparation of various slurry. Some can be used as both a slurry and a binder, such as animal glue, paints and synthetic resins, etc. will be described in the chapter on binders(aluminum oxide 40 grit). Process, on the other hand, must also have excellent performance slurry. As an ideal slurry must have the following properties:

On the other hand, if the slurry is coated on the sand-planting surface of the substrate(brown fused aluminum oxide), it must also consider the adhesiveness with the primer and compound, which affects the adhesiveness of the slurry. The main factors are the following: viscosity and cohesiveness are two different concepts(60 grit aluminum oxide). The viscosity is the internal friction resistance between the slurry molecules. The larger the viscosity, the worse the fluidity of the slurry (liquid).

The slurry must have a proper viscosity(white aluminium oxide). The viscosity is too small to obtain the predetermined sizing amount. Only in this way can a certain and uniform sizing amount be guaranteed. The slurry is coated on the surface of the substrate to form a light and tough film, which makes the surface of the substrate smooth and clean, while increasing the rigidity of the substrate(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Slurry is a sticky substance, and good adhesion is the first requirement.

Due to the barrier of this layer of film, the rubber coating and sand removal can be carried out more smoothly(white fused alumina). The primer and the compound will not penetrate into the interior of the substrate, which will make the abrasive particles adhere firmly. Destroyed by glue(150 grit aluminum oxide). After the substrate is coated with the slurry, the slurry is not only covered on the surface of the substrate, but also partially penetrates into the inside of the substrate.

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