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The main products of the reaction of calcium and titanium compounds during the high-pressure dissolution of boehmite and lime are titanium-containing hydrated garnet(alumina grit), calcium titanate, and calcium hydroxytitanate. These products are an important part of red mud(white alumina powder), and are also the main components of scar formation on the inner surface of heat exchangers and dissolvers.

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At a dissolution temperature of 250 ° C, a time of 15 minutes, and a dissolution condition of 7% lime addition(white alumina), it was found that when the TiO2 content in the ore sample was low (1.85%), there was almost no hydroxytitanic acid containing more TiO2 in the calcium-added extract(black alumina). Calcium appears; and the higher the TiO2 in the ore sample and the more diffuse the distribution, the easier it is to generate calcium hydroxytitanate.

The amount of lime added also affected the formation of perovskite compounds during the dissolution process(black corundum). Increasing the amount of lime added is conducive to the formation of titanium-containing hydrated garnets containing more Ca. when the molar ratio of Ca to TiO2 is 0.76(aluminium oxide blasting), Especially the "calcium titanate slag" mainly composed of calcium titanate and calcium hydroxytitanate forms a smooth and hard Intractable scarring. 

Tritium tests show that when the amount of lime is constant, the titanium-containing hydrated garnet does not change much with time and temperature(pink corundum). When the molar ratio of Ca to TiO2 is reduced to 1, calcium hydroxytitanate can be stably present during the dissolution process(white aluminum oxide 80 grit); when the amount of lime is Under the dissolution condition of 5% ~ 7%, three kinds of perovskite compounds can appear simultaneously. 

The activity of lime has an important effect on the formation of perovskite compounds(white fused alumina). The transformation products of titanium-containing minerals in Luanping fruit ore during high-pressure leaching are titanium hydrated garnet and calcium hydroxytitanate, and as the temperature increases and the reaction time prolongs, TiO2 mainly generates calcium hydroxytitanate(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit); calcium hydroxytitanate is converted to titanium hydrated garnet. 

In red mud close to equilibrium at 280 ℃(white aluminum oxide), titanium hydrated garnet is almost the only titanium-containing mineral with molecular formula 3CaO (xAl2O3,1-xTiO2) · yTiO2 · (6-2y) H2O, where x is 0.1 to 0.2 and y is 0.6 ~ 0.8. Under the reaction conditions of 250 ° C and 60min, with the increase of Ca addition(black silicon carbide), the titanium-containing hydrated garnet (CASTH) in the dissolution product gradually increased, while the calcium hydroxytitanate gradually decreased.

The test proves that under the same amount of addition(white corundum), the lime with high activity is easy to generate more calcium hydroxytitanate, and the lime with very poor activity may be difficult to form any perovskite compound with good crystalline state(brown aluminium oxide grit). The more active lime has a rougher surface, so the reaction speed of calcium and titanium compounds is accelerated, and calcium titanate with more calcium and better crystallization is formed.

Under the condition of general calcium addition (5% 8%), as the dissolution time increases, calcium hydroxytitanate is gradually converted to calcium titanate(brown fused alumina price). The higher the dissolution temperature, the faster the conversion rate of calcium hydroxytitanate to calcium titanate, Calcium titanate is an unstable mesophase under the condition of adding calcium(green silicon carbide), more cracks and pores, and finally converted into calcium titanate.

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