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Between various layers and belts, when various phases are formed, internal stress and even cracks may occur due to changes in specific volume(brown fused alumina price). At present, there are many types of refractory castables produced in China(white alumina powder). When the temperature fluctuates, molten steel and slag and the working temperature is relatively good, the stress caused by the different thermal expansion rate can cause the furnace lining to peel along this crack. 

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In the sintering zone, because the granular material has been pre-burned(white alumina), only expansion occurs with increasing temperature, but the cement stone shrinks a lot, and the difference in deformation between the two increases, so that the combination of the cement stone and the cement stone and the granular material Under considerable damage, cracks are easily generated(silicon carbide companies). It is mainly used for the construction of overall structures such as villages in various heating furnaces.

Not only local cracks may occur at the interface between the two, but even through cracks perpendicular to the working surface may occur(black corundum). Clay and high alumina dense refractory castables are dense refractory castables made of clay and high alumina raw materials(low density white alumina). Granular and powdered materials are the main components of plastics, generally accounting for about 70% to 85% of the total weight. Can shrink plastic during heating.

This condition of loosening the structure due to decomposition and dehydration of the cement stone and easy peeling off due to the formation of a layered structure is often one of the main factors for the damage of castables made of cement(pink corundum). In some parts where the working temperature is not very high and high wear resistance is required, the use of phosphate castables is more suitable, the use of high-quality phosphate castables for repair is also effective(green carborundum).

Concrete castable is one of the most widely used amorphous refractory materials(brown fused alumina). Certain high-quality varieties can also be used in smelting furnaces. The basic principle of the baking system should be that the heating rate corresponds to the dehydration and other phase changes and deformations that may occur(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). In certain temperature stages where the above changes occur sharply, the temperature should be slowly raised or even held for a considerable time.

As aluminate cement castables can be widely used in various heating furnaces and other thermal equipment without slag, acid and alkali erosion(brown aluminum oxide). In the parts that are affected by the molten iron, such as tapping trough, ladle, blast furnace body, tapping ditch, etc., the combination of low calcium and pure high alumina cement can be used(brown fused alumina oxide). Castable made of high-quality alumina and good sintered high-quality granular and powdery materials.

Between the sintered belt and the two layers that have been dehydrated and not yet sintered, flaky cracks may be generated parallel to the working surface(brown aluminium oxide). Zirconium phosphate castable can be widely used in heating furnaces and soaking furnaces for heating metals, as well as in coke ovens and cement kilns in direct contact with materials(wholesale brown fused alumina). In some parts of metallurgical furnaces and other containers that are in direct contact with slag and molten metal.

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