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Alkaline refractory refers to refractory products based on basic oxides such as Mg and Ca(brown aluminium oxide). The main varieties are magnesium bricks, magnesia-silica bricks, magnesium-aluminum bricks, magnesium-chrome bricks, dolomite bricks, magnesium dolomite bricks and magnesium Peridot brick and so on(white fused alumina oxide mfg). Magnesia-aluminum bricks and magnesia-chrome bricks are also commonly referred to as spinel bricks.

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From the perspective of chemical characteristics, they are all alkaline substances and have strong resistance to the erosion of alkaline slag(white alumina). Therefore, the linings of various alkaline steelmaking furnaces generally use such products. Non-ferrous metallurgy also uses such products for blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces for copper, nickel, and pot smelting, and correspondingly increased load softening temperature(brown fused alumina factory). 

Its products are divided into two categories: metallurgical magnesia and magnesia products(black corundum). According to the different chemical composition and uses, there are Martin sand, ordinary metallurgical magnesia, magnesia-silica brick, magnesia-aluminum brick, magnesia-calcium brick, magnesia-carbon brick and other varieties(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Magnesium refractory is the most important product among alkaline refractory materials.

It has a high refractory degree, has good resistance to alkaline slag and iron slag, and is an important advanced refractory material(pink corundum). Magnesium products are mainly composed of various crystals. In ordinary magnesia products, the main crystalline phase periclase grains are separated by crystals and glass phases in the matrix component, so that no direct bonding between the periclase grains can be formed(brown fused alumina oxide). Network organization.

This kind of structural feature makes the nature and use effect of the product depend on the quantity and characteristics of the matrix components(brown fused alumina). From the chemical composition point of view, in addition to the main component MgO, there are Ca, Fe2O3, Al2O3 (Cr2O3), SiO2 and the like(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). They are all impurity components, so they constitute a five-element system of MgO-CaO-Fe2O3-Al2O3- (Cr2O3) -SiO2. 

However, when they coexist, it is possible to form new compounds and form a lower eutectic point with the new compounds, thereby reducing fire resistance and chemical stability(green silicon carbide). The basic characteristics of magnesia-aluminum bricks are: good thermal shock resistance, high temperature mechanical strength. Magnesia refractory refers to refractory with magnesite as raw material and periclase as main crystal phase(brown fused alumina 60 grit).

Is mainly used for open hearth furnace, oxygen converter, ordinary magnesia brick, electric furnace and non-ferrous metal smelting(brown aluminum oxide). MgO content is above 80% ~ 85%. Carbon brick is a high-temperature-resistant neutral refractory product made by using carbonaceous materials as raw materials and adding an appropriate amount of binder(wholesale brown fused alumina). Most of these oxides have high melting points and chemical stability.

Carbon brick raw materials include anthracite, coke and graphite, as well as asphalt, tar and tomb oil binders(black silicon carbide). Anthracite has less volatile content and compact structure. It is mostly used as an aggregate in the production of carbon bricks, metallurgical coke is added, and bitumen is used as a binder(brown fused alumina suppliers). The technical requirements of carbon bricks are generally carbon content ≥92%; mechanical strength ≥25MPa, ash content ≤8%.

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