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Cheap Carborundum Abrasives Suppliers South Korea

Based on rich non-coking coal, you can directly use fine ore and lump ore(white alumina). The process is well controlled and adaptable to raw fuels. Liquid hot metal is suitable for oxygen converter refining. It can use high-density energy and good heat and mass transfer(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). Suitable for intensified production, simple process, low energy consumption, low investment and reduced pollution, it is a new and efficient ironmaking method.

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The classification of the smelting reduction method is as follows: According to the process stage, it can be divided into one step method and two step method(black corundum). The one-step method is the complete process of ore reduction and smelting in a metallurgical reaction. Problems with the KR method: it can be divided into fluidized bed method, the furnace lining has a short life and can only be maintained for about 1 year(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive); high energy consumption.

Small converter brackets are generally integrated; large converters are generally segmented(pink corundum). The two-step method divides the smelting reduction process into solid-phase pre-reduction and final melting state reduction, and completes them in two reactions, which improves the energy utilization of the smelting reduction process(aluminum oxide 40 grit), reduces the FeO concentration in the slag, and enables the smelting reduction method to achieve Breakthrough progress.

According to the use of energy, it can be divided into oxygen coal method and electric coal method(green silicon carbide). The oxygen coal method relies on the combustion of oxygen coal in a high temperature molten pool or tuyere area to provide heat for the process and uses coal as a reducing agent(60 grit aluminum oxide). Most of the processes currently developed are oxycoal processes; in addition to ironmaking, chromium ore, Nickel or manganese iron smelting alloy; high pig iron contains sulfur. 

The electric coal method uses electricity to provide the heat required for the smelting reduction process(white fused alumina). Coal is used as a reducing agent. Electric heating conversion methods include arc exotherm and plasma technology. This method is only applicable to areas with sufficient power and low prices(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The working temperature of the pre-reduction shaft furnace is 800 ~ 900 ° C, and the operating temperature of the melting and reducing gasification furnace is 1600 ~ 1700 ° C.

According to the type of pre-reduction device, shaft furnace method, rotary kiln method and flash furnace method(white aluminum oxide). KR method (COREX method). The KR smelting reduction was jointly developed by the German company Korf and the Austrian Voest-Alpine(black silicon carbide). The process is short and the equipment is simple, but in the application there are problems of high energy consumption and severe erosion of the furnace lining by FeO slag, which have not yet been solved.

The KR method pre-reduction device is a light furnace, and the final reduction device is a melter gasifier(white corundum). The KR method pre-reduction shaft furnace is similar to the Midrex method direct reduction shaft furnace, but without a cooling section. It uses an overhead structure and is located above the melter gasifier(150 grit aluminum oxide). The upper part of the melting and gasifying furnace is an enlarged hemisphere, and the lower part is a cylindrical shape.

According to the type of final reduction device, it can be divided into shaft furnace method, electric current method and rotary furnace method(brown fused alumina price). The main features of the KR method: non-coking coal can be used as fuel; different hot blast stoves and coke ovens; the production of molten iron can be used for oxygen converter steelmaking(high purity fused aluminum oxide); less pollution, and the production cost is reduced by more than 30% compared with blast furnaces.

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