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For the dissolution process of bauxite, previous studies have been based on the liquid-solid reaction of non-porous particles(wholesale brown fused alumina). The so-called shrinking unreacted nuclear model is used to describe this dynamic process, that is, the bauxite particles are considered dense(buy brown fused alumina). Non-porous or porous, but the internal diffusion rate is very slow, so the dissolution reaction only occurs on the outer surface of the unreacted core, the relative dissolution rate reaches 100%.

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From this, it can be seen that using only the dissolution rate cannot explain the quality of a certain type of operation, because the ore itself will cause the difference in dissolution rate(brown aluminum oxide). As the reaction proceeds, the mineral particles are consumed from the surface and the ground, and the radius of the unreacted core gradually shrinks until the reaction complete(white fused alumina oxide mfg). That is, the liquid-phase reactant ions can diffuse into the particles without being consumed.

However, our research on the Guangxi Pingguo-Biassite bauxite ore shows that the Guangxi-Biasseite-type bauxite is porous, and the dissolution reaction of this type of bauxite cannot be simulated by the shrinkage unreacted nuclear model(brown aluminium oxide). We established a liquid-solid reaction model of porous particles for the dissolution process of Guangxi mine(brown fused alumina factory). At low temperatures, the chemical reaction rate is much slower than the mass transfer rate and pore diffusion.

For example, when dissolving trihydraulite, quartz does not react(white alumina powder). At this time, the actual dissolution rate will be greater than the calculated value (reason) of the above formula. In addition, some SiO2 will remain in solution after the dissolution reaction, and no sodium aluminosilicate will be formed. That is, the absolute amount of SiO2 in red mud is not exactly the same as the amount of SiO2 in the ore(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The calculated value of the above formula.

The result obtained by the above formula is not the maximum dissolution rate(brown fused alumina oxide). Also, even if the SiO2 in the ore is completely reacted, the SiO2 after the dissolution reaction is precipitated into the red mud, but the A / S ratio of the generated silicon-containing mineral cannot be guaranteed to be 1(brown fused alumina suppliers). It can be seen that using the above formula to calculate the maximum dissolution rate of alumina in bauxite, which is the theoretical dissolution rate, will cause certain errors due to different dissolution conditions.

 When processing difficult-to-dissolve ore, the alumina in it often cannot be fully dissolved(brown fused alumina). In order to eliminate the influence caused by the different grades (A / S) of this ore. The relative dissolution rate is usually used as one of the criteria for comparing the effectiveness of various dissolution operating systems(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). It is the ratio of the actual dissolution rate to the theoretical dissolution rate, that is, when the actual dissolution rate reaches the theoretical dissolution rate.

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