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In addition, the appropriate amount of silicon nitride and talc can be added to the blast furnace mud(green silicon carbide). The former can improve corrosion resistance, reduce shrinkage and not be wetted by molten iron; lightly burned magnesium oxide, lightly burned magnesium oxide is 8% ~ 15%, the latter can improve plasticity, coke powder and asphalt(white aluminum oxide 220 grit); sinterability and thermal shock resistance. 

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The shotgun was tested on a 3800m blast furnace with a furnace top pressure of 0.15MPa, and good application results and good economic benefits were obtained(brown aluminium oxide). The artillery mud used in blast furnaces in China, especially the medium and small blast furnaces, is mainly made of clay (highly plastic clay, such as Guangxi Vero soil), clay clinker particles, protective layer thickness 70 ~ 100mm, coke powder and asphalt(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit).

According to reports, recently, Japan's Nippon Steel Corporation has developed alkaline gun mud(brown fused alumina price), which has the following composition: magnesium oxide is 25% ~ 60%, coke is 12% ~ 15%, and sometimes Adding fused oxide and silicon carbide, using tar or asphalt modified phenolic resin as a binder, the amount is 15% ~ 20%(black silicon carbide). The apparent porosity of this artillery mud is 25% ~ 32%, and the flexural strength at 1450 ℃ is 3.2 ~ 4.5MPa.

In general, water cannon mud is mostly used in small and medium blast furnaces, and water cannon mud is mostly used in large blast furnaces(white alumina). The main raw materials of the mortar used in the iron outlet of the No. 1 blast furnace of Baosteel in China are: Aggregate is fused alumina, coke powder; fine powder is silicon carbide, clay, sericite; binder is tar(white fused alumina oxide mfg); system is Al2O3-SiC-C Water cannon mud.

However, it should be noted that the water content of various raw materials must be strictly controlled in order to obtain the expected results(brown fused alumina). The blast furnace iron ditch is a channel leading to high temperature molten iron or slag. The life of this protective layer is about one month, and there are still villages, but repairs are required(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). The slag branch ditch is made of clay clinker (or alumina clinker) silicon carbide-carbon material.

In summary, the iron outlets of small and medium-sized blast furnaces are generally made of clay clinker mixed with clay clinker(black corundum), large and medium-sized blast furnaces are often made of high aluminum clinker with silicon carbide and clay and other binders to make guns mud(buy brown fused alumina). Some countries have developed new mortars that use tar and phenolic resin as a binder and are mixed with silica and other raw materials.

Recently, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Company tried three refractory ramming materials in the blast furnace ditch(brown aluminum oxide). For example, Japan tried magnesium oxide, coke, mixed with fused alumina or silicon carbide. Raw material, alkaline gun mud made with tar or resin as binder(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Therefore, the use of artillery mud varies according to conditions, and countries have their own artillery mud materials and standards.

During construction, first mix the coating materials and apply by hand to the carbon brick, the thickness is generally 140mm(pink corundum). 1500 ~ 3000m blast furnace iron trench carbon brick lining protective layer mix ratio: 10% graphite, silicon carbide 48%, refractory clay 30%, foam resin 12%, gas baking Iron can be produced in 2 to 4 hours(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), and the throughput of molten iron is generally 40,000 to 60,000 tons.

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