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Regarding the structure of the co-acid anion, which can be roughly divided into three types(white fused alumina); the sodium aluminate solution is a true solution in the presence of pure aluminate ions; in the sodium aluminate solution, water is added Decomposed aluminum hydroxide sol-like colloid(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media); although the sodium aluminate solution is a true solution, the ions exist in a more complex state.

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Pearson demonstrated the existence of associated ion pairs using nuclear magnetic resonance(white aluminum oxide). The smallest ordered combination is the octahedral ion Al (OH) 3. Anaspese and Eyraud separated and purified the sodium aluminate solution that was left standing for two days and nights using a high-speed centrifuge and found that this solution was extremely stable even in the case of very low caustic ratios crystalline embryo(150 grit aluminum oxide).

Therefore, the decomposition of the sodium aluminate solution can only be caused by the original crystal nuclei brought into the solution or the solution(white corundum), because this hypothesis contradicts many observed phenomena, which proves that colloidal dispersed Al (OH) 3 exists in the sodium aluminate solution(220 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, none of their research can be taken as the exact reason for the existence of Al (OH) 3 colloid.

However, most researchers such as Shimonichi Junichiro have disputed the hypothesis that colloidal Al (OH) 3 is present in the sodium aluminate solution(garnet abrasive), and the super microscope After a detailed study of the sodium aluminate solution, no colloidal particles were found(80 grit aluminum oxide). C.H.Ky3HeuoB believes that Lanaspese's experiments cannot completely rule out the possibility of spontaneous nucleation of the solution.

And after purifying the solution, many researchers have proposed many possible structures(garnet suppliers), its stability may increase because the basic reason for the decomposition of the aluminate solution is eliminated because the impurities are removed(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). NoHoMapes does not cause gelation of Al (OH) 3 in aluminate solution after AC power is applied to the solution, but causes gelation of tea [mainly Fe (OH) 3]. 

Moreover, a large number of test results also denied the presence of colloidal particles in the solution(glass bead blasting media suppliers). At present, most researchers believe that most of the properties of sodium aluminate solutions are similar to typical real solutions, but whether aluminate ions are simple ions, simple complex ions, or more complex ions has been debated(fine grit aluminum oxide). Researchers such as P. Lanaspese consider aluminate ions as complex ions.

lasyxH inferred that the aluminate ion in the solution was Al (OH) 3 according to the crystal structure of Al (OH) 3(steel grid). He believed that the aluminate ion was formed when Al (OH) 3 was dissolved, while the gibbsite crystal lattice. The OH- ions penetrate into the gibbsite, causing the bond between the octahedral combination to be destroyed, and the Al (OH) 3 ion is transferred into the solution, but They have no test basis(180 grit aluminum oxide).

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