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Cheap Carborundum Grit Manufacturers Japan

Winding: Winding is to wind the dried coated abrasive into a large roll for the next cutting and conversion(white fused alumina). Product conversion: After storing a large roll of coated abrasives for a certain period of time, including sheet, roll, ribbon, disc, and various shaped products, and various sizes Products come(aluminum oxide abrasive). Specifications can range from 10 mm thick and 30 mm outer diameter to 100 mm thick and 500 mm outer diameter.

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Flexibility: The requirements for the flexibility, that is, the flexibility, of coated abrasives are not enough if they are based solely on the raw materials and the above manufacturing process(white aluminum oxide). The degree of flexibility can be carried out according to the different requirements of use. The coated abrasive is punched out on a punch to form a variety of disc-shaped products(green silicon carbide). Most of China's dry abrasive cloths and dry abrasive papers belong to this category.

A considerable part of the product must also pass a flexure process, that is, bonding The abrasive and abrasive layers are mechanically and physically flexible to form fine cracks(white corundum). The abrasive material indicates the type and performance of the abrasive, the product can be converted into various shapes, and the abrasive particle size indicates the size of the abrasive particles and its distribution(aluminum oxide grit). The joint belt production starts from the large roll of coated abrasives.

The abrasive cloth, sandpaper, and water-resistant sandpaper used by hand are generally cut into sheets(white alumina), and the specifications are generally 230 × 280 mm, and other specifications can also be cut according to the requirements of use. Roll cutting: Large rolls of coated abrasives are slit and wound on a slitter to make rolls of different widths and lengths(black silicon carbide). Production of abrasive belts: There are two types of abrasive belts: joint belt and jointless belt.

It is divided into strips, cut into pieces, and then edging and jointing(black corundum). The jointless belt is made from round cloth, and it is discontinuously carried out from the substrate treatment, rubber coating and sand removal, compounding and drying, to slitting. Production must have special equipment(synthetic corundum). No matter from the production of the product or from the requirements of product quality uniformity, the joint belt has a wider future than the jointless belt.

Disc-shaped punching: Sanding disc is one of the highly efficient, widely used, and promising types(brown fused alumina price). Production of special-shaped products: Special-shaped products are other varieties besides the above-mentioned pages, rolls, tapes and plates. There are many types of it and its production is relatively complicated, and its proportion in coated abrasives is very small(emery abrasive). The manufacturing process is simpler and the price is cheaper.

Glue bond coated abrasives: The base glue and compound rubber are made of animal glue, which has poor heat resistance and moisture resistance(pink corundum). The characteristics of this coated abrasive are that the binder is water-soluble, cheap, simple to manufacture, and easy to use. The third type is the middle one, which is also in the middle(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). Sheet cutting: It has roll-up, belt-shaped, and disk-shaped. It is suitable for metal or wood processing.

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