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The most vulnerable part of the blast furnace body is the lower part of the furnace body, which has been proved by the practice of most domestic and foreign blast furnaces(brown fused alumina). This shows that the latter two materials use better, and the fake cost is higher(green silicon carbide). In Germany, various refractory bricks have also been tried in the lower part of the furnace, so they are a promising product. 

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Because this part of the area is a region with a lot of heat exchange, the friction effect of the charge decline, the dust impact effect when the gas rises, and the alkali metal erosion effect are very serious(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, high-quality clay bricks, high alumina bricks, corundum bricks, and silicon carbide bricks are required to have good slag resistance, alkali resistance(aluminum oxide abrasive). The erosion is small, but it is more sensitive to strong alkali erosion.

However, Japan's Nippon Steel Corporation built clay bricks(black silicon carbide), high alumina bricks, clay bonded silicon carbide bricks, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks, and silicon carbide graphite bricks in the lower part of the No. 3 blast furnace furnace of the Muroran Plant. Comparative Test(synthetic corundum). After one and a half years of production tests, the corresponding erosion rates were 0.51, 0.36, 0.50, 0.1, and 0.24 mm / d, respectively.

At 1400 ° C, ordinary corundum bricks are not much better than clay bricks, while moschite rigid main bricks and direct bonded or silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks remain(brown aluminium oxide). Have enough strength. The results show that silicon carbide bricks directly bonded or silicon nitride bonded do not react to alkali vapor, are not sensitive to phosphorus cracking precipitates, and have excellent thermal conductivity(aluminum oxide grit).

Judging from the test of strong alkali resistance, the British blast furnace has used fused high-alumina brick with A12O3 content of 92.4% in the lower part of the furnace body, and has been working for five and a half years(brown fused alumina price). The bulk density of this brick is about 3.34 g / cm, the apparent porosity is 6%, and the linear expansion of 1600C is 0.2%(100 grit aluminum oxide media). At the same time, it has good alkali resistance and abrasion resistance.

In the middle and lower part of the No. 6 blast furnace furnace with a furnace capacity of 2168m(white alumina), the Emoyden plant of the Hogowon Iron and Steel Company in the Netherlands tested asphalt-bonded silicon carbide graphite bricks, ceramic-bonded silicon carbide bricks, and oxynitride-bonded silicon carbide bricks(1200 grit aluminum oxide). These bricks are used in nearly 50 (including 5000m) blast furnaces, and their service life reaches 10-11 years.

However, the brick is easy to oxidize and is not resistant to hot metal erosion, so it can only be used in areas that are not in contact with the hot metal(black corundum). The results show that silicon carbide bricks are better than phosphoric acid-impregnated clay bricks. Phosphoric acid impregnated clay bricks were compared(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Russia uses high-density kaolin bricks with Al2O3 content of 40% ~ 45% and low iron and low alkali in the furnace waist. 

In the first three months of production, the erosion rate of the three types of silicon carbide bricks is basically the same(pink corundum). After 3 months to 10 months, oxynitride combined with silicon carbide bricks. According to reports, in more than 50 blast furnaces, the use of silicon carbide bricks is as follows: 38 seats in the tuyere area, 40 in the belly, 46 in the waist and 48 in the middle and lower part of the furnace, and wear resistance(emery abrasive).

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