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Cheap Carborundum Grit Suppliers Germany

The gap at this break is usually 100 ~ 150mm in the working state(brown fused alumina). Batch sintering machines include sintering pots blown by furnace operators, blown sintering pots, fixed sintering trays or portable sintering trays, and suspension sintering equipment(synthetic corundum). Because it has the disadvantages of sintering production discontinuity, low productivity and poor labor conditions, only a few small plants are still using intermittent equipment.

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The main components of the belt sintering machine are: sintering machine driving device, travelling rails and guide rails for sintering car movement, trolley, loading device, ignition device, exhaust box, sealing device, etc(brown aluminum oxide). And closed tracks. The drive device of most modern sintering machines consists of transmission sprocket, transmission gear, reducer, motor and other parts(green silicon carbide). The cleaned large lump reduces the air permeability of the material layer.

The rotation speed of the motor of the driving device and the feeder is adjusted by a unit consisting of three motors, and the adjustment range is 1: 3(brown aluminium oxide). The regulating system of the sintering machine and the feeder is synchronized. The regulating unit is installed in the special machine room in the sintering workshop and consists of the following motors: induction motor, power 20kW, 1460r / min(emery abrasive). DC generator, power 16.2kW, 1460r / min.

In recent years, due to the extensive industrial application of digible silicon technology, some sintering plants have replaced dc units with thyristors(brown fused alumina price). Some sintering plants do not use DC motors, and use AC slip motors. There are two forms of the tail structure of the sintering machine: one is a fixed curved track at the tail without a star wheel swing frame(black silicon carbide); the other is a structure with a star wheel swing frame (or moving frame).

According to the analysis of the cause of the damage of the trolley body, the general trolley requires high temperature resistance and fatigue resistance(white alumina). For sintering machines without swinging frame, in order to adjust the thermal expansion of the trolley, at the beginning of the tail curve of the sintering machine, a break is formed between the trolleys(aluminum oxide abrasive). The cause of damage is the pollution and outflow of lubricating oil.

The equipment is simple and maintenance is small(black corundum). In this structure, due to the impact of the disconnection of the trolley, the ends of the trolley are damaged and deformed, and cannot be closely attached to each other, which increases harmful air leakage. Divided excitation machine of DC generator, power 2kW, 1430r / min(black silicon carbide manufacturers). At present, according to different sintering methods, sintering machines can be divided into two types: batch and continuous.

There are two structural forms of the movable swing frame at the tail of the sintering machine: one is a horizontal moving type, which is used for large sintering machines of more than 90m(pink corundum); the other is a swing type, which is used for small and medium sintering machines (less than 90m) . The belt sintering machine is a closed sintering belt composed of many trolleys(aluminum oxide grit). The service life of the bearing is 4 ~ 6 months.

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