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Cheap Carborundum Grit Suppliers Japan

30-40% of alumina, 12-16% of coke, 12-16% of silicon carbide, 15-20% of clay and 20-2% of tar binder(pink aluminum oxide). Its chemical composition is: A12O3, 39.1%, SiO2, 12.4%, sic10.7%, c29.1%, loss on ignition 8.0%. During mixing, the tar is heated to 50 ℃ and weighed according to the mix proportion for 2 hours(fused alumina). By using this kind of blast mud to block the taphole, the accident rate of air reduction in the furnace caused by ablation is about 20%.

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In order to further improve the quality of blast mud(brown fused alumina), the mix proportion of blast mud recommended by Japan's heiqi company is as follows: the blast mud of these two kinds of blast mud was used in 1956 and the end of 1960s. The composition of blast mud used in large and medium-sized blast furnaces in the Soviet Union is as follows(green carborundum): Metallurgical Coke 61%, refractory clay 22%, tar pitch 17%. Some factories use phenolic resin as the bonding agent of blast mud.

When resin binder is used and silicon carbide is added to the blast mud(brown aluminum oxide), plugging the iron port can reduce the accident rate of wind reduction to less than 7.8%. Its mix proportion is as follows: 65% asphalt coke, 15% refractory clay, 5% silicon carbide, 15% asphalt, plus 10-12% c-339 resin(black oxide aluminum). In the process of using the lining without repair, the flow iron amount reaches 37000-39000 tons, and the unit consumption of refractories is only 0.58kg/ton iron.

In small and medium-sized blast furnaces, water cannon mud is generally used; in large blast furnaces, especially water cannon mud is used(brown aluminium oxide). The taphole works stably with good effect and can increase production by 2%. In the blast furnaces of European parks, water mixed gun mud made of silica, coke, clay and asphalt powder is widely used(silicon carbide companies). With the development of large-scale blast furnace, tar or modified resin is used as binder for blast furnace mud.

First of all, it is used in West Germany blast furnace, and then blast furnaces in the world have been used(brown fused aluminum oxide). When tar bonded gun mud is used to block the taphole, the gun mud is easy to be extruded due to softening of the gun mud, so the clay gun machine should stay in the gap for a period of time, and then withdraw after it is fully sintered(glass beads supplier). If the gun mud is too deep into the iron port, the volatiles will be removed and bubbles will be formed easily.

It should be pointed out that the operation of plugging the iron port is not welcomed by workers because the tar in the gun mud volatilizes and pollutes the environment(white aluminium oxide). When the mud extractor is used, the explosion will occur and the molten iron will gush out of the iron port. Asphalt coke with high strength, low ash content and less volatile matter is used instead of metallurgical coke(arc fused alumina). The pressure of the mud machine for plugging the iron port is generally 2.5-3.5kg/cm.

Recently, Japan developed a brand of Rb phenolic resin combined with gun clay, with good effect(black aluminum oxide). At medium and low temperature, the gun mud hardens due to the heavy shrinkage polymerization of phenolic resin, that is, it has good early strength; at high temperature, it forms phosphorus bond combination(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), which has good high temperature strength and no blocking accident, so the operation is very convenient.

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