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Water-containing sodium aluminosilicate has poor stability(white fused alumina). It can be seen from the figure that sodium aluminosilicate is precipitated as A-type zeolite in the area with low Na2O concentration; in the case of high Na2O concentration, it is precipitated in the form of basic sodalite, which is the largest in alumina production(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The water-containing sodium aluminosilicate is actually formed in this area.

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The figure shows the range of temperature and Na2O concentration for each equilibrium solid phase formation(white aluminum oxide). The different temperature, the sodium aluminosilicate is only different in lattice constant. When the temperature is above 100 ℃, when the caustic ratio is low, the main phase is aluminate sodalite(220 grit aluminum oxide). The figure shows that above 120 ° C, the III region in this state does not exist; when the temperature is below 60 ° C, phase N and phase VI disappear.

That is to say, under this condition (MR = 2 or MR = 4. Na2O concentration is 100 ~ 250g / L), alkaline sodalite or aluminate sodalite is formed under higher temperature conditions(white corundum); Zeolite is formed at temperature. With increasing temperature, the reaction of phase III to phase IV and phase V is irreversible. However, phase III is still an equilibrium phase under certain conditions(80 grit aluminum oxide). It is obtained in a low-concentration solution at a temperature below 60 ° C.

The results of other data studies show that the general law at all temperatures is that the content of SiO2 in sodium hydrated aluminosilicate generated in a low concentration (50 ~ 100g / LNaz) sodium aluminate solution is higher [SiO2 / Al2O3 = 2.3 ~ 4 (molar ratio)], with the increase of Na2O concentration, zeolite type and sodalite type(garnet abrasive); the amount of SiO2 decreases(fine grit aluminum oxide). Under the condition of Na2O concentration of 350g / L, SiO2 / Al2O3 = 1.8 (molar ratio).

With the increase of the concentration in the low alkali concentration region(garnet suppliers), the generated sodium hydrated aluminosilicate is amorphous, in the high alkali concentration area, only the basic sodalite type hydrated aluminosilicate can be generated. Sodium(180 grit aluminum oxide). when the caustic ratio of the solution is 1.65 ~ 1.70, When the concentration of the solution increases, basic sodalite crystallizes and precipitates simultaneously with the aluminate sodalite.

This is the same as the conclusion of the figure(glass bead blasting media suppliers). As the caustic ratio of the solution increases, crystals of aluminate sodalite and mayenite precipitate. When the concentration of the solution is increased under a low caustic ratio, the basic sodalite and mayenite crystallize simultaneously(240 grit aluminum oxide). Summarizing the previous research results, it is clearer about the phase composition of the Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system desiliconization products at higher temperatures. 

In the temperature range of 110 ~ 300 ℃, when the Na2O concentration is> 15%(steel grid), the equilibrium solid phase of the Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system is 3 (Na2O · Al2O3 · 2SiO2) · 2NaOH · 2H2O Is equivalent to phase IV; when the Na2O concentration is 5% to 15%, it is 3 (Na2O · Al2O3 · 2SiO2) · 2NaAl (OH) 4 · 2H2O, which is equivalent to phase VI(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Abramov believes that the above conclusions are similar in the low temperature region (<100 ° C).

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