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Cheap Carborundum Grit Wholesale Suppliers France

The so-called two-step palace firing is to first light burn the raw materials once(green carborundum), to produce the powder with high activity (i.e. more lattice structure vacancy), press it into a ball after proper treatment, and then conduct high-temperature yuanshao, through solid-phase reaction to achieve dead burning(black oxide aluminum). To sum up, the lining brick of oxygen converter is mainly made of basic refractories containing carbon.

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Although the process is complicated, the brick made from the raw material can be made on the converter lining, which can significantly improve the furnace life(brown fused alumina). The two-step forging process is widely used to manufacture refractory materials for converter bricks in various countries, thus improving the bulk density and other properties of bricks(glass beads supplier). Carbon is not easy to be moistened by slag, which can reduce the corrosion rate of furnace lining.

In the manufacture of converter lining brick, carbon is usually added in the way of binder or dip reduction, or a proper amount of flake graphite is added(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, magnesite dolomite brick or magnesite brick mixed with dolomite brick is widely used in furnace mending, and the quality of brick has also been improved(silicon carbide companies). On the contrary, they will react to form low melting point substances such as 2CaO · Fe2O3 or Ca · Fe2O3. 

The commonly used binders are coal tar pitch, petroleum pitch, paraffin and resin, etc(brown aluminium oxide). these substances can cause temporary bonding strength when the brick is damaged at normal temperature, and can also prevent the pulverization of dolomite raw material particles(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit); at high temperature, they can form carbon bond between the raw materials particles attached to the fire, so as to improve the high temperature performance of the brick.

For dolomite brick, in the presence of carbon, Fe2O3 in slag does not react with Cao, but is reduced to Fe2O3 and absorbed in the peri melt of mafite(brown fused aluminum oxide). The carbon of leached back basic brick is evenly distributed in all the small pores of the brick matrix, the volume density and carbon content are improved, the high temperature strength is improved, and the slag resistance is greatly improved, which will affect the use effect(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer).

The proportion of basic bricks impregnated in Japan and Germany is increasing(white alumina). The table shows the typical properties of lining bricks of two European converter. In recent ten years, due to the development of refining outside furnace and continuous key casting technology(arc fused alumina), the tapping temperature has been greatly improved in Western Europe, and the operating conditions of oxygen converter have become increasingly harsh.

However, when the content of Fe2O3 and A12O3 is more than 1.0%, even if the ratio of CaO / SiO2 is large, its high temperature performance is poor(pink aluminum oxide). Therefore, its varieties include tar combined brick, low-temperature treated tar combined brick, fired brick, tar asphalt soaked brick, low-temperature treated leached brick, magnesia carbon brick, etc(fused alumina). at the same time, the performance indexes are generally improved.

In addition, when the lining of the oxygen converter is damaged, the refractory coating is generally used for furnace repair in various parks, which can increase the furnace life and steel production(black aluminum oxide). The variety and amount of refractory coating for oxygen converter are increased, and will be further developed(brown fused alumina for grinding). The quality of fire-resistant spraying coating is also improved, and the spraying equipment is constantly updated.

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