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Cheap Carborundum Grit Wholesale Suppliers Italy

In the work of researching the thermal shock resistance of SiN-bonded SiC products(brown fused alumina), the researchers reached the following conclusions: In the SiN-bonded SiC products, the thermal shock resistance of the products is better when the amount of Si added is about 17%(green silicon carbide). In SiJN bonded products, the raw material SiC coarse particle size is preferably 3.15 ~ 1.00mm.  The product does not shrink when firing, but the weight is reduced.

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It is made by recrystallization of silicon carbide grains without adding a binder(brown aluminum oxide). In order to ensure the plasticity and adhesion of the blank, 1% (based on dry weight) of dextrin or pulp waste liquid binder must be added. When the proportion of coarse particles is about 60%, the thermal shock resistance of the product is better. Silicon carbide has atomic covalent bonds, and its lattice energy is large(aluminum oxide abrasive). At present, countries do not have uniform specifications and names for such products.

(cheap carborundum grit wholesale suppliers italy)Self-bonding silicon carbide products are non-conjugated silicon carbide products(brown aluminium oxide). Initially, its gram molecular volume is small, small-sized recrystallized silicon carbide was manufactured by hot pressing using the recrystallization of SiC. Since the hot pressing method is not suitable for large-scale refractory products(black silicon carbide), it has been developed into a method of press molding at room temperature and processing the green body at high temperature to make it self-bonding.

The reduction is more obvious above 2000C and more intense above 2200 ° C(brown fused alumina price). As the weight decreases, the porosity of the product increases accordingly. At 2150 ~ 2200 ℃, silicon carbide already has the maximum strength through recrystallization, which further increases the recrystallization temperature(aluminum oxide grit). Due to the significant increase in Si vapor pressure, the porosity of the product will increase excessively and the strength will decrease.(cheap carborundum grit wholesale suppliers italy)

Silicon carbide products are advanced refractory materials(white alumina). Adding too many people will increase the porosity of the product. After the kneaded material is formed, the body is placed in a graphite furnace with a carbonaceous heating resistor, placed on a graphite pad, and fired at 2200C to complete the recrystallization process(synthetic corundum). In order to increase the density of recrystallized products, amorphous boron with a particle size of less than 0.06 mm can be added to the ingredients.

(cheap carborundum grit wholesale suppliers italy)Semi-silicon carbide products are refractory products with SiC content below 50%(black corundum). According to its material, it can be divided into clay clinker silicon carbide products, high-alumina silicon carbide products, mullite silicon carbide products, corundum silicon carbide products, sapphire silicon carbide products, and so on(emery abrasive). Because such products contain less than 50% of carbonized shoes, their thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity and strength are significantly improved.

At present, in the field of iron and steel refining(pink corundum), it can be used for steel drum linings, nozzles, plugs, blast furnace bottoms and hearths, tapping tanks, converter and electric furnace tapping holes, and heating furnaces without water-cooled slides(46 grit aluminum oxide). In the smelting of non-ferrous metals (zinc, copper, aluminum, etc.), they are widely used in stills, distillation trays, electrolytic cell side walls, molten metal pipes, suction pumps, and screeds for molten metals.(cheap carborundum grit wholesale suppliers italy)

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