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Cheap Carborundum Grit Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

However, for resin abrasives, due to its greater elasticity, it directly affects the accuracy of hardness determination(black silicon carbide). Conversely, fine-grained tools have a small particle size and a large surface area. The magnitude of the vibration force, on the contrary, expressed in g (grams), is called the unbalance value, making the grinding wheel move unevenly(brown fused alumina manufacturer). 

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Especially for resin elasticity tools with high elasticity, the current hardness measurement method of abrasives can no longer truly reflect the hardness of resin abrasives(wilson abrasive). The grinding tool is composed of four elements: grinding, bonding agent, auxiliary materials and pores, and the grain is the main element of the grinding tool according to the cutting effect on the surface of the workpiece to be processed(aluminum oxide abrasive).

Dynamic imbalance(brown aluminium oxide): Coarse-grained abrasive tools, due to the large size of the particles, also occupy a large volume fraction, that is, the abrasive rate is high, so the general coarseness abrasive tools are relatively tightly organized, and the organization number is in the range of 0 ~ 5(white fused aluminum oxide). The unbalance of the grinding wheel is divided into three types: static unbalance, dynamic unbalance and comprehensive unbalance.

When the grinding wheel rotates or moves, the center of mass and the center of its rotation axis do not coincide, which causes vibration, which is called the unbalance of the grinding wheel(brown fused alumina price). Static unbalance means that the center of gravity of the grinding wheel is on the same plane as the center line of rotation, but is located on one side of the center line(aluminum oxide grit). The size directly affects the turning strength of the grinding wheel.

Therefore, when conducting a static examination, the heavy side stays below the central axis(white alumina). See the mechanical industry standard JB / T8339-1996 for the method of measuring the organization number of resin abrasive tools. At the same hardness, the amount of bonding agent used is more than coarse-grained tools(brown fused aluminium oxide), and the abrasive particles occupy less volume per unit volume, so the tissue is looser and the tissue number is larger.

It means that the center of gravity of the grinding wheel and the center of rotation are on the plane of the net, and the total center of gravity is on the center of rotation(black aluminum oxide). Due to the surface, the wheel is balanced when it is at rest, but due to uneven mass distribution inside the wheel A force couple will occur at this time, and this kind of force couple occurs only when the grinding wheel rotates(synthetic corundum).

The balance of the grinding wheel reflects the distribution of the internal mass of the grinding wheel, and also reflects the change of its center of gravity position during the balancing process(pink aluminum oxide). For any grinding wheel with correct geometry and uniform mass distribution, the balance must also be good; because the internal mass distribution of the grinding wheel is not uniform, there will be unbalanced values of different sizes(white fused alumina price).

Therefore, the unbalance value of the grinding wheel should be strictly controlled(green silicon carbide). The inspection of grinding wheels in accordance with national standards is carried out according to the national standard GB / T2492-1984. The so-called abrasive organization refers to the degree of density of the distribution of abrasive particles that play the main role of Lulang in the abrasive tool(emery abrasive). Also called the abrasive particle rate.

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