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The principle of this method is based on the determination of the potential difference between two special electrodes placed in the solution to be tested(brown fused alumina), where one reference electrode has a constant potential during the measurement process. When the working electrode and the reference electrode are connected(low sodium white fused alumina), a primary battery is formed. Based on its electromotive force, the pH of the solution can be determined.

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The calomel electrode or silver chloride electrode is usually used as the reference electrode(brown aluminum oxide), while the working electrode is a ladder electrode or glass electrode. Other solution concentration inspection methods that should be pointed out are optical method, ultrasonic method, radioactive method(black silicon carbide). Photoelectric colorimeters are based on the principle that light is absorbed to varying degrees when passing through colored solutions.

According to the frequency of the power supply voltage, non-contact conductivity meters can be divided into two types(brown aluminium oxide): low frequency (below 100 Hz) and high frequency (above 1000 Hz). Titration is the most common method for quantitative analysis of solutions and is widely used in factory laboratories(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). An automatic continuous electronic bridge with high internal resistance and pointer return to zero is used as the measuring instrument.

Belongs to the optical concentration tester, including photoelectric colorimeter, polarimeter, refractometer and turbidity meter(brown fused alumina price). Generally, there are two channels on the photoelectric colorimeter, and compare the photoelectric flow of the two photoelectric elements, one of which is proportional to the luminous flux through the solution to be tested(aluminum oxide abrasive), and the other is proportional to the luminous flux through the standard solution.

The photoelectric polarimeter is based on the property that when the polarized light passes through some photoactive substances, the polarized surface will rotate(white alumina). The practical application of ultrasonic method, radioactive method and multi-parameter method is still a matter of recent years, discontinuous or cyclic automatic titrators and continuous automatic titrators(aluminum oxide grit), which is related to the vigorous development of instrument manufacturing.

The automatic instruments used for production are usually compensated(black aluminum oxide). The photoelectric refractometer uses the relationship between the refractive index of the light entering the medium to be tested from the air and its concentration. The photoelectric turbidity meter takes the intensity of the light quantity passing through the medium to be tested and the intensity of scattered light as the concentration scale(white aluminium oxide super fine), photometric titration.

The specific name of the method is determined according to the type of concentration meter used during the titration reaction process(pink aluminum oxide). Depending on the method of determining the final titration point, it can be divided into potentiometric titration, amperometric titration, conductometric titration(synthetic corundum). There are two types of automatic titrators for production inspection: multi-parameter method and automatic titration method.

To use ultrasonic instruments, the relationship between the ultrasonic speed and the concentration of the medium to be tested must be found in advance(green silicon carbide). In production, continuous and automatic measurement can be performed directly with industrial ultrasonic instruments, and the previously known relationship between the concentration to be measured and the propagation speed of ultrasonic waves is used, and thermochemical titration(emery abrasive).

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