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The green carborundum powder can be used as a binder. The finer the particle size, the lower the bulk density, from 1.79g/cm of No.13 sample to 0.48g/cm2 of No.5 sample. It should be pointed out that, although the particle size of sample 6 is only 2um, the bulk density of sample 7 is 0.92g/cm because it is grinded by fused white alumina, and the bulk density of sample 7 is only 0.59g/cm because it is grinded by a-aal2o3.

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From the statistical results of white fused alumina particle size distribution in the table, it can be seen that most of the statistical particle size is consistent with the factory standard particle size, only the particle size of sample No. 9 is not very uniform, which is quite different from the factory standard particle size. When it is milled to the dispersed single crystal particles, the silicon carbide companies size of the dispersed single crystal particles is defined as the original grain size.

No. 8 sample is processed by vibration grinding, white aluminum oxide and it can also be ground into a-Al2O3 powder less than 5um by mechanical method. It is well known that A1 (OH) 3 is transformed from various crystal forms to a-Al2O3 after calcination at high temperature. In order to make a-Al2O3 powder play its due role in the products, we must have a correct understanding of its basic properties, 50% fused arc fused alumina powder and 50% micro powder.

It can be seen that the density of products can be improved by using fused black corundum powder. The recrystallized a-a12o3 particles are still a polycrystalline aggregate, and the binding force between each grain is weak, so it can be dispersed by grinding. Using the method of measuring the fluidity of cement mortar (gb2419-1981), the glass beads supplier static fluidity of six kinds of a-Al2O3 primary grains was measured, that is to say, the water demand was characterized.

It can be seen that the larger the measured fluidity is, the smaller the water demand of the white corundum material is. On the contrary, the smaller the mobility, the greater the water demand. The dispersant also has a great influence on the water demand of Al2O3 powder. Adding the appropriate dispersant can effectively reduce the water demand of a-Al2O3 powder and reduce the agglomeration of powder. That is, different dispersants are used, brown fused alumina price and the water demand rate is also different.

The larger the original pink corundum grain, the smaller the water requirement. It is an effective method to improve the agglomeration of the powder by using the surface modification technology to change the surface charge state of the powder. The application of microcrystalline treatment agent in a-Al2O3 after phase transformation can promote the sintering performance. There are many spherical closed pores, fused alumina which belongs to the middle stage of sintering.

In order to analyze the influence of Anhui powder on sintering, the steel grid samples of 25 mm × 25 mm × 130 mm were formed in the gypsum mold with 50% fused corundum particles. The sintering temperature was 1550 ℃, and the other raw materials except aal2o3 micro powder were less than 2 mm black oxide aluminum particles, 0.074 mm fused corundum powder and a-Al2O3 milled by vibration 3 fine powder (fineness less than 10um).

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