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In addition, the heat income in the enhanced current tank increases(green silicon carbide). In order to maintain the level of trade, the technical conditions and parameters need to be adjusted. If the refined temperature will rise and the furnace chamber will be complexed, the technical adjustment must be made(abrasive blasting grit). The 1em aluminum level is equivalent to the amount of dry 70 MV voltage. We can calculate the pith value of the current level.

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Therefore, the current intensification is carried out without changing the anode size and other equipment, and the system is 5% ~ 10%(pink corundum). If the former is larger than the latter, it means that the material is accumulated in the tank and the material is too prickly(garnet suppliers). If the insulation material is too thick, it will increase the thermal resistance of the shell surface, which will cause the heat bag in the fine inner wall to be olefinized.(cheap carborundum powder manufacturers ecuador)

After strengthening the electric fan, the aluminum production will increase and the production will increase, so the demand for oxidation system will increase(black silicon carbide). In the process of strengthening the current, the current intensity needs to be arranged and cannot be pushed in place at one time(aluminium oxide for blasting). The cooling of the electrolyzer indicates that the charging is not proper, and the oxidation gear in the side of the electrolyzer is needed to supplement.

(cheap carborundum powder manufacturers ecuador)The technical conditions have strong post adjustment and linkage, and the technical conditions should be continuously adjusted by the current strengthening gradient(brown fused aluminum oxide). With the increase of current intensity, the magnetic field intensity increases. It will accelerate the flow speed of liquid aluminum in the tank. The phase degree of aluminum flow mirror is increased(white alumina grit). The middle process is the adjustment and communication of the technical conditions.

When the current of fine 380ka electrolytic cell is strengthened by 10kA, the voltage keeps 4V and the aluminum level needs to be increased(aluminum oxide grit). The heat increased by 10kA current of the first light is, and the height of aluminum level needs to be improved(garnet abrasive). The strengthening current should be taken according to the basic aluminum level, and the improvement of aluminum level should be started before the strengthening current.(cheap carborundum powder manufacturers ecuador)

At the same time, the thermal insulation material is a dynamic technical condition, and it is an effective diameter making method to adjust the hot leveller(white alumina). With the continuous improvement of electric exercise intensity, the target level is gradually increased, and the lead level of Xiangyi series electrolyzers is unified and the current is up-regulated(aluminum oxide sandblast media). After the current is strengthened, the heat income increases. The molecular ratio of electrolyte increased.

(cheap carborundum powder manufacturers ecuador)In the process of histochemical current, it is beneficial to keep the protector, the current density of the positive chamber increases, and the probability of effect is high(black corundum). Increasing the molecular ratio can improve the ability of electrolyte to dissolve alumina and avoid the effect. Therefore, the Nb interval needs to be reduced(brown aluminum oxide blast media). Whether the Nb interval is set reasonably or not is related to the material level of the electrolytic cell.

The stability of electrolyzer is poor(steel shot abrasive), so we need to restrain the influence of magnetic field on the electrolyte by improving the graph level, so as to reduce the travel of the liquid making mirror. On the other hand, the pith copper level can balance the energy budget of electrolysis(white aluminum oxide sand). In general, when the current is enhanced by 5%, the Nb gap should be reduced by 3-5 (i.e., the cutting amount is increased in the same proportion).(cheap carborundum powder manufacturers ecuador)

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