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Cheap Carborundum Powder Wholesale Price Germany

Add modifier to promote its gelation(brown aluminium oxide). The modifier is usually selected from metal oxide or its salt solution (such as MgO, ZnO, ZrO2, TiO2, Mg (NO3) 3, etc.), the formed gel is dried and solidified, and then broken Granulate into granules of the desired shape and particle size(pink aluminum oxide), solid phase thermal decomposition method, and after calcination (volume shrinkage rate 20 ~ 40%) become abrasive. 

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Because the abrasive particles synthesized by this process are composed of a large number of submicron alumina crystals(brown fused alumina price), without sintering through the melting process, the product grains are refined and there are no residues between grain boundaries. By controlling the process conditions, the synthesis of a uniformly mixed precipitate on the atomic and molecular scales is the most critical step(green carborundum). The material removal rate is high and the grinding ratio is large.

In this method, the abrasive particles do not produce micro-cracks, high hardness, and good toughness (1.5 to 2 times that of fused corundum abrasives), the grinding performance is significantly better than fused corundum abrasives, and the abrasive self-sharpness is good. Dissolve the appropriate raw materials in the solvent according to the chemical formula to prepare a salt solution containing a variety of soluble cations(silicon carbide companies).

Norton Company improved the sol-gel process(white aluminium oxide), introduced seed in the process of sol gelation to reduce the phase transition temperature of alumina, and called the improved process as Seeded Gel Processingl7. The corundum abrasive produced was SG , TG and other products(brown fused alumina grit). The solid-phase method is a method in which aluminum salt or alumina is ground and then calcined, and alumina abrasive is directly produced through a solid-phase reaction.

Synthesized by this method were VK series products of Germany Starck Company(brown fused alumina), TA series products of Japan Showa Denko Co., Ltd., Cerpass series of France Saint-Gobain Company and other ceramic corundum abrasive products. The solid phase synthesis of ceramic corundum abrasives mainly includes powder sintering method, self-propagating high temperature synthesis method(black silicon carbide suppliers), corundum abrasive wrapping method, etc.

Under the action of grinding force, solvent and solution concentration(black aluminum oxide), these blunt abrasive particles are broken through the crystal along the crystal plane, and are broken macroscopically, and the abrasive particles lose more. After adding appropriate precipitants (such as OH, CO, C2O, etc.), or at a certain temperature to hydrolyze the solution(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh), Forming insoluble hydroxides or salts (such as carbonate, sulfate, oxalate, etc.) co-precipitate.

Li Weiqun and others used this method to prepare YAG-Al2O3 nanocomposite powder, which can be densified by hot pressing at 1450 ° C(brown aluminum oxide). There are many factors affecting the preparation of powder materials by co-precipitation, such as the type of precipitate (simple compounds in solid or solution, mixed compounds, etc.), chemical ratio, concentration(black silicon carbide factory), pH, temperature, mixing method, stirring Rate, adsorption and infiltration.

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