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Cheap Carborundum Powder Wholesale Price Japan

In terms of polarity comparison, due to the complexity of the polymer structure(pink aluminum oxide), the molecular weight is large and has polydispersity, the shape of the macromolecule is linear, the branching and crosslinking are different, and the aggregation state has a morphological and non-morphic structure(steel shot abrasive), The dissolution of polymers is much more complicated than the dissolution of low-molecular substances. This phenomenon is called limited dissolution.

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After swelling to a certain extent, due to the cross-linking chemical bond, it can only stay in the two-phase swelling equilibrium stage without dissolution(green carborundum). For example, the dissolution process of the case compound has many characteristics compared with the dissolution process of low molecular solids: the dissolution process is generally slow(brown fused alumina factory). Glucose is quickly dissolved in water, and a piece of polystyrene is placed in benzene, dissolving slowly.

First, the outer layer slowly expands(brown fused alumina). With the increase of time, the solvent molecules penetrate into the inside of the sample to expand the volume of the polymer. This process is called swelling. Secondly, the dissolution process of polymers is much slower than that of low-molecular substances(white fused alumina oxide mfg). The swollen encapsulate sample gradually became smaller, so that it disappeared and a uniform solution was formed. Macroscopically, the sample volume expands.

Therefore, the dissolution process must go through two stages: swelling first, then dissolving(brown aluminum oxide). The solution vein is actually a process in which the solvent molecules are unilaterally mixed with the segments of the polymer chain. Because the size of the polymer and the solvent molecule differ greatly, the diffusion rate of the solvent molecule is much larger than that of the polymer(silicon carbide companies), so the polymer is in contact with the solvent molecule Time.

The distance between the molecules gradually increases(brown fused aluminum oxide). When the solubility parameters are similar, the first is that the solvent small molecules diffuse into the case compound and stretch the adjacent polymer chain segments. According to the structure of the polymer and the degree of swelling, it can be divided into infinite swelling and limited swelling(glass beads manufacturers), so swelling is a necessary stage of dissolution, and it is also unique in the solubility of the compound. 

Large molecules in non-synthetic compounds are loosely packed and weak intermolecular interactions, so solvents and molecules are more likely to penetrate into the polymer during the dissolution process, causing them to swell and dissolve(white aluminium oxide). It usually goes through the "swelling" stage before dissolution. It takes a long time to reach a homogeneous system with molecular dispersion(garnet abrasive price). Only when the chain segment moves without the diffusion motion of the entire macromolecular chain.

 For example, natural rubber in gasoline, polyvinyl chloride green in tetrahydrofuran Infinite dissolution becomes a polymer solution(black aluminum oxide). Obviously, only when the swelling progresses to all the chain segments of the polymer chain can diffuse motion can a homogeneous system of molecular dispersion be formed(glass bead abrasive). When the linear non-product polymer is dissolved in its good solvent, it can absorb the solvent unlimitedly until it is dissolved into a homogeneous solution, which is infinitely swellable.

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